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Sport @ Birstwith 2023

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Be Active

Sport and being active is essential- even more so in the world that we are creating for our children to grow up in.  At Birstwith, we strive to engage the children in a wide range of activites and sports that are based around the key fundamentals  - Agility, Balance and Co-ordination.  The children cover these aspects in each and every area of sport they are introduced to.  The aim give the children an experience of a wide range of sport, instill a love for being active, teach children how to follow rules and adapt rules to make the games more achievable for everyone and allow children to develop their independent sport skills as well as their group/team sport skills.  We work alongside some fabulous outside agencies to help promote excellence in sport either during normal school time or through after school clubs and competitions. We also have close links with local clubs too such as cricket and tennis. 

For further information, please do not hestiate to contact me either directly or through school admin

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Richard Roy

To get you going, here are some links and challenges...

We have had the pleasure of Sporting Influence, the LTA and Harrogate Rugby club over the past few weeks.  It has been incredible to see the engagement in sport and watch the development in skill and agility as the time has passed.  Sporting Influence have done an incredible job providing after school sport, aimed at girls and also at our younger children.  They have also run a progressive lunchtime sports programme for our Year 6s - preparing them for their transition into secondary school.  

We all got involved in an intraschool dance competition which culminated in one team being selected to represent the school in an interschool comp.  We also ran a football tournament in school where the children organised teams and competed in a round robin tournament.  

In addition to this, the LTA returned and picked up their work with Class 3 and, Y6 had Aled Jones come in to improve their Tag rugby skills.  

Loads of great sport, lots more to come, I have just secured some extra funding so we should be getting some new equipment too!! 

Autumn term

So good to be back at school and getting active.  The children across the school have had some fantastic PE opportunities- from our great teachers, from Sporting Influence and from the Lawn Tennis Association.  Years 4 and 5 have had tennis training to build on their progress from last year,  Ks1 and Year 3 have had the professional support from SPorting Influence to build a strong foundation for sport and the KS2 children have had hockey as an after school club.  

Next half term, we are looking forward to football tournaments with different schools and an after school club aimed at getting girls active. Watch this space! 

Some of the sports so far....


Class 3 and 4 have been loving their gymnastics module this term.  It has been really successful so far with children learning all about control, tension, extension and the aesthetics that come with a high quality routine.  They have started to master travelling, rolling and a range of single or paired balances and thye have even begun to piece it all together to perform small fluid movements demonstrating the learnt techniques. 

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