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Hedgehog Class

Years 2 and 3

Welcome to the Hedgehog Class page. We hope you enjoy looking at what we have been learning! smiley

Autumn 2019

In History lessons, we have been enjoying learning all about the Tudors. We went on a really fun class trip to Temple Newsam House in Leeds where we found out some really interesting facts! 

We saw all the different owners of Temple Newsam house and were excited to see that it included some very famous monarchs.....
We explored lots of Tudor Portraits in the house to spot all the hidden meanings. Did you know that in Tudor times black was the most expensive colour to dye clothes so only the richest people could wear black?

Wearing the finest Tudor clothes, we learnt how to do a Tudor reverence and even a dance to the music Greensleeves. When posing for our photograph, we tried our hardest not to smile to show how rich and powerful we were, just like the Tudors would have when they were having a portrait painted!

In Geography work, we have been enjoying the challenge of learning the names and locations of the seven continents and five oceans of the world, as well as some of the countries we would find in them!

Spring 2019

In music lessons this term we have been exploring the rock genre and have been learning the song 'I Wanna Play in a Band'. It was awesome when Mr McCarthy brought in his electric guitar!  


We had lots of fun visiting Nidderdale High School to take part in different target and agility activities. We especially liked using the rounders bats and golf clubs!

Autumn 2018

As part of our Victorians topic this term we looked at the work of William Morris. We really liked all of the patterns and used them to inspire our own designs for some block printing. It was a lot of fun!

In RE we have been learning all about sacred places. We really enjoyed going on a trip up to St James’ Church to look at all of the special features that we had been learning about.

Summer 2018

Spring 2018

Autumn 2017


We have had lots of fun in Science this term learning all about humans. We explored our senses and had a great time testing to find out if our sense of taste worked using only our tongue! We also enjoyed measuring each other to find out ‘Do taller children have longer arms?’

A fantastic day this term was our visit to Menwith Hill Fire Station where we learnt all about fire safety. We had an amazing time learning about all of the equipment in in a fire engine (even getting to use some of it ourselves!) and being taught how to use a fire extinguisher and a hose - this was a definite highlight for lots of us! Some of us accidentally got a little bit wet!

Summer 2017

Curriculum Chronicle - click here to see what we are learning this term

In Design Technology we really enjoyed our bridge project. We learnt lots about different types of bridges. We then used our fantastic understanding to design and make our own. We tried to make them span 30cm and support 500g!

We had a really special afternoon where we had a go at playing the ocarina!

We were really excited to visit Nidderdale High School for a special athletics event. We enjoyed competing in lots of really fun activities and were really proud to find out that we won overall!

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Spring 2017

We absolutely loved our trip to the King’s Hall theatre in Ilkley where we were lucky enough to see ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’. For lots of us the most exciting part was when we got squirted with water!

We had a special science week learning all about plants and seeds. We went to Harlow Carr and learnt lots of interesting new things. Back in school, we enjoyed an investigation to find out ‘Do bigger fruits have bigger seeds?’

Another really special day was our Easter Craft day! We enjoyed trying out lots of different techniques and using different materials. We had lots of fun and were all really proud of everything we made.

Autumn Term 2016

In our history topic this term we have loved learning about The Victorians. We went on a fantastic visit to Ripon Workhouse Museum where we immersed ourselves in the daily routine of a Victorian child. Our activities included lots of cleaning chores, doing laundry, making a rag-rug and going to school – all just in the morning! Being in the schoolroom made us realise how lucky we are!

In Geography work, we went out into the village to find all of the Victorian parts of Birstwith that we had been learning about. We added features to our own maps and learnt lots more about the village!

Autumn Term 2015


We are really enjoying our art activities so far this year. We had a great time investigating camouflaged animals and were really inspired to create some of our own camouflage pictures. We used oil pastels and different patterns to hide our carefully drawn animals. 

Can you spot them all?


We have had lots of fun in music learning about pulse and rhythm.

We worked in groups to create a performance of '5 Fat Sausages'.  We each chose an instrument to play and each group had to make sure they had a clear pulse and rhythm being played, as well as singing the words - it was really tricky but we did a brilliant job! :)

In Science we have been busy learning all about plants.

We really enjoyed exploring what happens to a broad bean seed when it starts to germinate.

We 'planted' them in plastic bags so that we could observe them growing....



We have been busy learning about 3D shapes.

We built models of 3D shapes using matchsticks for the edges and 'blu-tack' for the vertices...

We have had lots fun this half term learning about the world in our topic 'Passport to the World'.

We learnt the names of all the continents, what they looked like and where they were. We then put ourselves to the test with a continents jigsaw!

Here we are with our finished jigsaws :) ....

We also enjoyed using atlases to find countries and work out which continent they were in!

In Numeracy, we enjoyed the challenge of working together to build our own 100 square!

Spring Term 2013

Curriculum Chronicle

Autumn Term 2012

Curriculum Chronicle

Class 2 have been enjoying the Autumn sunshine doing lots of outdoor Maths.

We have been learning about our addresses and posted a letter to our Mums and Dads in the village post box.

We have also been out and about around the village finding out about ‘Where We Live’. We visited the Church and did a traffic count outside the school. We think 35 cars in 15 minutes is a lot!

Summer Term 2012

The children in class 2 have enjoyed finding out about ‘Food and Eating’ in their Science lessons. Their favourite investigation was when they found out ‘What do Snails like to eat?’

Each group had a garden snail and a selection of foods apple, orange, lettuce and carrot. They discussed how to make their investigation fair and how to record their observations. They arranged the foods around the snail and observed which one they slithered towards and recorded it on a tally chart.

They were surprised to find out that six out of twelve snails preferred carrot!

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