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Curriculum Overviews

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Homework Projects

Here are the interesting options for the homework projects we enjoy creating each half term.

Autumn Term 2021

The Polar Express

Last week we found a mysterious letter delivered to our classroom with Jingle the Elf...what could it be? We opened it and discovered golden tickets to the Polar Express! Then we heard magical bells and went to explore downstairs in the hall and found the Polar Express! We enjoyed watching a POV of a polar train ride and then listened to the wonderful story 'The Polar Express' by Chris Van Allsburg whilst enjoying a delicious hot chocolate. After that, we spotted a stocking on the tree and wondered what could be inside? It was filled with magical silver sleigh bells just like in the story and we each got given one to show we believe! 
It was a magical experience, and we have enjoyed doing a 'talk 4 writing' rehearsal of a recount using time conjunctions. 


Remembrance Day Poppies

To mark our respect for Remembrance Day in school we decided to contribute to a whole school display where each class created a piece of beautiful art. As our topic has been painting, we decided to paint some poppies to add to the display. However, we have been focusing on sustainability and conservation in our literacy so we decided to make them using recycled bottles! We loved making these and thinking about the significance of the poppy. 


Victorian Artefacts

We had a very special visitor come into our class and allow us to investigate some Victorian artefacts of their own which have been passed down through their family! We cleaned the brass and wrote labels for the artefacts using the information we learnt, and enjoyed doing observational drawing of the different objects to decorate their labels. 


Zoolab Visit!

We had a very exciting visit from Zoolab linked to our science topic studying living things and their habitats. The visitor brought in some incredible animals and told us some fascinating facts about the animal, the features and their habitats! It was such a brilliant experience and we enjoyed holding or touching the animals carefully and safely. 

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