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New Starter Information EYFS

Autumn 2017

The new EYFS children have settled beautifully this term. Class 1 are working hard and learning through the play provision. We have a new mud kitchen and we have been spending lots of time outside!

This term, we have been learning about homes, families and our school. We have looked at traditional stories, such as The Gingerbread Man and The Little Red Hen and we have been building homes for people and animals. We learned about animals that hibernate and Guinevere the hedgehog came to visit us.

After half term, we have learned about Queen Elizabeth II and Queen Victoria. We wrote letters to the Queen and posted them to Buckingham Palace. We are hoping that she will reply!

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Summer 2017

This term, we have studied minibeasts in detail. We went on a minibeast hunt around the grounds of school and made a home for some snails. The children  mashed up lettuce and made lettuce soup for the snails. Once we had painted the soup on the sides of the tank, we watched the snails eating it through the glass...we saw the snail's teeth! We looked after some tadpoles and watched them turn into froglets. After they did this, we had to let them go as they became carnivorous. Later in the term, we learned about famous pirates and Christopher Columbus. We made our own maps, pirate ship and flags.

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Spring 2017

The children have enjoyed our topic on Transport a great deal. We went to visit the National Railway Museum and learned about the Stephenson's Rocket. We had great fun visiting the Menwith Hill Fire Station and discovered new things about emergency vehicles...we were allowed to use the fireman's hose too! PC Powell came to visit us and showed us his police car. We asked him lots of questions about his vehicle and we were allowed to sit inside the police car and turn on the sirens!

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Autumn 2016

The children have settled well in to Class 1. The EYFS children have been learning through play, both indoor and outdoor, and have made an excellent start to learning their letters and sounds and made new friends. This term, we have focused on a variety of story books to engage the children in their writing...we have pretended to be giants from Jack and the Beanstalk, trolls from The Three Billy Goats Gruff, and Goldilocks from The Three Bears to name a few. Read our newsletters below to find out more.


Summer 2016

In our topic work this term we found out all about weather around the world. We went on a very exciting trip to Tropical World in Leeds. We saw lots of different creatures and found out all about their habitats.

Spring 2016

We went on a field trip around Birstwith searching for Natural and Human features of the landscape.

We were very lucky to have some visitors to our class to tell us all about Chinese New Year.

We have been learning 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt'. We went on our own Bear Hunt in the school grounds and made the Beebot Bears chase the children.

We really enjoyed our snow time, making trails and writing our names in footprints.

We had a wonderful time dressing up and writing our own stories for World Book Day.

We have learnt all about our Queen. We really enjoyed designing, making and evaluating our Palaces 'Fit for a Queen'.

Our new reception children have settled into school life really well and have been enjoying exploring the inside and outside the classroom.

Summer 2015

We really enjoyed our whole school trip to Harewood House. Our class spent the day exploring the bird garden and finding out all about the penguins. We made penguin hats and enjoyed our picnic lunch in the sunshine.

Art Project

We had a go at making clay pinch pots. Mrs Britton, our class Link Governor came in to help us and we all really enjoyed getting our hands dirty and squeezing and decorating the clay.

We had a wonderful time dressing up for World Book Day on 5th March. We learnt all about the author Julia Donaldson and shared what we had learnt with everyone in our sharing assembly at the end of the day.

Our second Spring topic was all about Weather. We spent lots of time observing the weather, dressing up in clothes to suit the weather and videoing our weather forecasts.

Our topic for the first half term was Transport. The most exciting part of our topic work was going on our trip. We all caught the bus from the village bus stop and travelled into Harrogate. When we got there we had a good look around the bus station, the train station and practised crossing the road using a pelican crossing. We had some super parent helpers with us, as well as our link Governor Mrs Britton. We really enjoyed wearing our high visibility vests, bought for our school trips by the Friends of Birstwith School.

Autumn 2014

As part of our 'Our School' topic we have been looking carefully at the school buildings and spotting 2d shapes. The Year 1 children took photos using our digital cameras.

We also spent a lot of time looking, drawing and then choosing colours to paint pictures of our school. Mrs Lacey was very proud of our work!

We were delighted to be able to welcome our new starters this term. Everyone agrees that they have settled in brilliantly, thanks in no small part to their excellent Class 4 buddies. These older children have been a huge help at lunchtimes and break times and have enjoyed helping their new little friends get to know everyone at our school.

To celebrate Shrove Tuesday we welcomed cookery club back into our classroom to help us make pancakes. We also were lucky enough to have a visit from Mr Eyes, our Chair of Governors. We thoroughly enjoyed the measuring, mixing, cooking and even the washing up afterwards!

Class 1 joined the rest of the school in celebrating World Book Day. We all dressed up as characters from books and our friends from class 1 at Bishop Thornton joined us. We enjoyed lots of stick themed activities based on the book 'Stanley's Stick' by Neil Layton and John Hegly.

As part of our 'Ourselves' topic Tina, the School Nurse, visited us. She told us all about how to keep ourselves clean and why it is so important. She also taught us how to wash our hands properly.

The Christmas production this year was the first chance for our reception children to perform in front of an audience and show off their acting skills. They played an important  part in the KS1 performance of 'Away in a Manger', the story of Maurice the Mule's manger.

KS1 children from Birstwith and from Bishop Thornton School (our partner school) all got together to enjoy a Christmas Craft morning. The children had a great time constructing Rudolph hats, baubles and lanterns and making some new friends.

KS1 all enjoyed travelling to York Theatre Royal to the De Grey Rooms for the annual KS1 Theatre trip, funded by The Friends of Birstwith School. The performance was a retelling of Cinderella, performed through shadow puppets, acting and marionettes. The children were spell bound by the enchanting story.

For Art week class 1 made an art display all about America. They used their very best painting and collage skills to create burgers, New York Taxis and skyscraper city scenes.

This term we have been getting to know our twelve new reception children, who have settled into school life brilliantly. They love making the most of our new free flow learning environments and we have had lots of fun learning outside in all weathers.

Last year's reception are enjoying being Year 1's and are having their first experiences logging onto school's Virtual Learning Environment 'Learnanywhere' to support them in their learning.

We all had a very exciting afternoon when Miss Horn organised for some animals to come and visit KS1. We all enjoyed touching and describing the creatures and finding out about their bodies.

This summer we had great fun watching the builders create the new access to our outside classroom. It was amazing to see our old store room transformed into a new cloakroom and door way. We love having our own way into school and can now free flow between the indoor and outdoor learning environments.

We also went on the whole school trip to Nell Bank. We had a wonderful time pond dipping, following the Gruffalo story in the woods and playing in the water area.

Spring Term 2013


We had great fun making pancakes on Shrove Tuesday. Some of the members of cookery club came to help us and we all thought that they were delicious!

Summer Term 2012

During this term children in Class 1 have been learning about fantasy worlds. They have enjoyed creating their own stories with pictures and words.

Outside, children in the Foundation Stage put together fantasy creatures using whatever materials they could find.

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