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Summer Term 2020- school closure

Our Rainbow Song

While the school has been closed, the children have been working hard at home to create rainbows to show our support for key workers and the NHS. Many of the children in Rabbit Class wanted to join in with our class singing project. They learned the song 'I can sing a rainbow' and we put all the clips and artwork together in the video below. The children enjoyed seeing and hearing each other on the video (while in isolation). Great job everyone!

rabbit rainbow.mp4

Spring 2- Ready, Steady, Grow!

This half term, we have been expert gardeners! We planted our own beans and sunflowers seeds and created an experiment to see if the beans would grow better in the sunlight or in the dark.

The children saw how the bean plants in the dark were yellow unlike the green plant in the sunlight. Once we moved it into the sun, the bean stalk turned to green!

Mother's Day

We created some beautiful artwork in the style of Georgia O'Keeffe to go on the front of our Mother's day cards. The children worked hard to learn a song and some actions to sing for their mummies- here it is!


Hot & Cold Countries

We have been looking at world maps and learning about hot and cold climates. We studied the countries of Greenland and Egypt and found them on the map. Next we learned about the Equator and talked about why countries had hotter climates if they were nearer to the Equator. The children made collages to show the types of clothes that were worn in Greenland and Egypt and examined the weather there.

Our clay plant pots- we worked hard to design a colourful pot!

Spring 1: January to February 2020

This half term, the children have been learning about how our bodies work, the five senses and how we use them and we looked at nursing in the past and present. We learned about Florence Nightingale and how hospitals have changed since 1854. 

The children had the opportunity to ask Nurse Debbie (a retired nurse and midwife) questions about her role and life. They enjoyed learning about how she became a nurse and we looked at her uniform from the past. Later on, we were visited by two doctors (Dr Kate and Dr Jason) who talked to us about the roles of different doctors. They taught the children CPR in an engaging and exciting way and the children practised locking their arms and pumping a chest on a teddy bear. They also practised putting each other in the recovery position.


Superhero Stories

The children have been amazed at how super our bodies really are and the amazing things that it can do. The children have been playing superheroes in the provision and we have provided a variety of superhero stories to engage the children in their literacy lessons.

The children particularly enjoyed the story of Supertato. We made our own Supertato character using a potato and went on the hunt for Evil Pea around school. Charlotte the cook was most upset when she discovered that Evil Pea had caught the vegetables from her kitchen and hidden them around our outdoor area- we went on a big rescue mission to find the missing vegetables and the EYFS children created wanted posters to try to find Evil Pea!

Designing & Making a Fruit Salad

In our design and technology and healthy lifestyle topic we learned about keeping our bodies healthy via the food we eat. We tasted a variety of fruits and decided which ones were our favourites. Everyone designed a special fruit salad and independently cut up their chosen fruits. It was very tasty!

Festivals and other Cultures: Chinese New Year

We watched a film clip about two Chinese children and how they celebrated Chinese New Year with their families and school. We learned about their special clothes, gifts, food and customs and watched a parade with firecrackers and a huge dragon dance. 

Later, we tried to make fans in the lucky colour red and we had a go at painting some numbers in mandarin. The children were very interested in the celebration and they made comparisons to our own New Year celebrations.

The Artwork of Picasso

The children have built on their art skills this term and looked at the artwork of Picasso. Following on from our self portrait lessons the children looked at a variety of paintings showing a distorted face. The children tried to recreate this style of artwork using collage, paint, colour mixing skills and observations of a variety of paintings. What fantastic artists we are! 

We compared Picasso to other artists that we had looked at (Kandinsky & Van Gogh) and chose which style we preferred.

Independent Learners

We are so proud of all of our children this half term. Everyone is coming to school with a smile, ready to learn and is trying their best at all times. Our maths work, writing and reading has really progressed. The children in EYFS are using resources in the classroom to help themselves when they find something tricky! The year one children are developing their skills and knowledge further and have improved their maths skills using a variety of place value resources. Well done everyone.

Autumn 2: November to December 2019

This half term, the children have been learning about The Great Fire of London. They have discovered how the fire spread, how long it lasted and discussed how we know what really happened. The class drew pictures of Tudor houses and Samuel Pepys and they created box model Tudor houses in their DT project.

We have also looked at London in the present and learnt about the different buildings, transport and dicussed how things have changed since 1666.

We loved listening to the story of The Naughty Bus and The Queen's Hat.


Fire Safety Visit at Admiral Long

We went to visit our sister school, Admiral Long and spent an afternoon with Class 1 there. We have both been studying the Fire of London so we shared our knowledge by taking part in a quiz. Next we explored the woods to find sticks for a bonfire and we threw buckets of water at a chalk fire on the blackboard. 

Harrogate Fire Officers visited us and talked to us about their role in keeping us safe. We looked at their uniform and Mrs Askew was dressed up in a fireman's outfit.

Later, we all got the chance to go on the fire engine and look at the equipment too.

Children in Need 2019

For Children in Need, the children worked together to raise money through an enterprise project. The children created clay Christmas tree decorations, paper plate wreaths and decorated them. We sold all of our ornaments and Rabbit Class made over £80! Thank you to all the parents who contributed to our fundraising- we are all very grateful.

Our Tea Party

For our DT project, the children baked healthy muffins and designed party plates. We invited parents and grandparents to attend an afternoon tea party where the children served their grown-ups. The visitors tasted our muffins and fairy cakes and then we treated our visitors to a show in the classroom. We sang Skidamarink, Down by the Bay, I like the Flowers & I'm Feeling Great. Everyone had a great time and we were very proud of the children's confidence, behaviour and hosting skills! 

Our Nativity- Born in a Barn


Autumn 1

Fun & learning this half term!

September -October 2019

Kandinsky's Colours

Our new name is Rabbit Class

The school council asked the whole school to vote for new class names instead of numbers...the winning theme was Woodland Animals. Class 1 children decided that they liked 'Rabbits' the best so from now on we will officially be called 'Rabbit Class'. 


Marvellous Me- all about my home, family and school

Take a look at our Curriculum Chronicle to see what we will be learning this first half term.smiley

Parent Voice

To encourage parents to be involved with their child's learning so that we can work in partnership, we provide a variety of opportunities for parents to share information with us. These include:

  • A Home School Book for communication
  • Half termly parent questionnaires for EYFS parents
  • Parent meetings 
  • Homework books and comments
  • Show & Tell/Class Bears sharing experiences
  • Merit assembly- on a Friday
New Starters

 Once again we have welcomed our new starters to Birstwith. There is a 'New Starter' page with current information on for parents- take a look. Keep an eye out for our new starter photo in the local paper!

New Starters Birstwith

Learning Journeys & Observations

In EYFS, the children's learning is monitored and observed through photographs, notes & videos as well as recorded in Literacy & Maths books. The staff will watch the children interacting through their play/learning and assess the children using the EYFS curriculum objectives. We currently use an online learning journal called 'Tapestry.' The photographs we take are added to your child's journal each week. Tapestry is a secure online journal which builds up your child's experiences during their time with us. Parents now have access to these journals and can create their own observations at home.


Summer 2

This half term we enjoyed our pirate topic. The children learnt about famous pirates and life long ago and also studied real life explorers such as Christopher Columbus. We talked about what life was like for a sailor, made treasure maps, wrote letters to pirates and created our own pirate characters.

End of Year Production

The whole class took part in the year 6 end of year production, 'Let Loose'. We were all bus drivers and learnt a tricky song about the woes of a driver on a school trip. The children all individually made their hats and ties to wear for the production and perfomed beautifully in the church. They were super stars!

Tadpole Update

Some of our tadpoles survived the change into froglets and then became fully formed frogs. Mr Roy created a 'pond' area in our little woodland spot at the end of the playground and we released the frogs and slower tadpoles into the 'pond' filled with rain water.

Sporty Fun in the Sun

This term, we have practised our agility, physical and team skills in preparation for sports day. The year 5/6 sports leaders taught us lots of new skills too.

Summer Term 1

Minibeast Madness

We kicked off our new topic with the arrival of our tadpoles (donated by our class governor, Mrs Britton). The children have enjoyed learning about the frog life cycle and have learned lots of interesting facts about frogs. Our Class 1 tadpoles love eating cucumber and we are taking great care of them. We are waiting very patiently for them to grow legs and turn into froglets!

Minibeast Sculpture

Look at our amazing tadpoles!

Caterpillar to Butterfly

We purchased some caterpillars to watch their growth and life cycle on our observation station. All four caterpillars changed into cocoons and three butterflies emerged after the half term. The children cared for the caterpillars by being very gentle and helped us to release the butterflies in our outdoor area.

Spring Term- Second half

In the second half term, we are being weather detectives and looking at all of the different types of weather. We are learning about the seasons and how the weather affects us.

We are also reading stories based on the weather and have been enjoying tales from Percy the Park Keeper- we are having lots of fun in our new role play area!

Our Easter Song

The children worked hard to create watercolour artwork based on the cross. We learned a song called 'When I think about the cross' and practised it with Mrs Paxton playing the piano. Everyone sang so beautifully and brought tears to many of the parents when we performed it in church. Have a listen to our song below- we are very proud of them all.


A Trip to Harlow Carr

As part of our 'Wonderful Weather' topic, we are going to go on a trip to Harlow Carr for a special weather themed workshop. Keep checking back for the photographs!

Fabulous Gymnasts!

World Book Day

This week, we celebrated World Book Day as a whole school. Class 1 had great fun reading their favourite stories and dressing up as a character. We enjoyed sharing our books with each other and talked about why we love reading.

EYFS maths- measure

Weather Art & DT

The children designed kites to fly on a windy day. This was inspired by the children and the weather! They chose how to make them and jpin them together, changing their designs when they weren't secure enough. We enjoyed flying the kites out on our school field.

We learned about the artist, Monet, and looked at his famous Haystack paintings. The children discussed the techniques, colour and texture that he used to show the different seasons in his paintings. We had a go at recreating a haystack landscape for each season...can you guess the season?

Spring Term- Terrific Transport

In the first half term we learned about Transport. We explored different types of transport and thought about the differences between old and new transport. We also found out about significant transport inventions. The children are so knowledgeable and can talk about famous people from history including: George Stephenson and Neil Armstrong. To finish our transport topic we studied the different types of emergency vehicles that we might see. This was so exciting and we were extremely lucky to have a visit from PC Ley, PC Clark, PC Davison and PC Benyon. We wrote special questions for the officers and read our questions out loud. We saw some super speaking and listening skills and we found out lots of interesting information. After, we had the opportunity to explore two different police cars and we were allowed to switch on the blue lights. Thank you to the officers for visiting and talking with us- we are very lucky to have such an amazing opportunity.

A Visit from the Police Officers

Tricky tens and ones!

Fire Engine Visit

Following the visit from the police, PC Davison organised for the firefighters from Menwith Hill to come and see us. We spoke to Mike and his team and looked inside and outside the fire engine. We were allowed to wear the helmets, look at the cutting tools and we even sprayed the water hose! At the end, the firefighters turned on their siren and lights. What a wonderful visit. Thank you to all the firefighters who gave up their time to visit us- we will remember it for a long time.

Space, Rockets & Neil Armstrong


We learned about Apollo 11 and the first man on the moon. The children pretended to blast off and lay down just like real astronauts! We tried astronaut food and compared it to our apples at snack time! 

Autumn Term- Once Upon a Time & Brilliant Buildings

In the first half term, we learned about stories with predictable phrasing and recounted many familiar stories. We used these stories to learn about healthy foods and the world around us. After half term, we have learned about castles and looked at how buildings have changed. We have examined how people lived in a castle in the past and talked about the similarities and differences between our own homes. We also examined our school and the surrounding area using some field work to find out about the grounds.


Class 1 work

We have been so busy with our maths, writing and topic work this term. The children are working hard to develop and improve their skills through activities, play and collaboration. We have been learning new ways to perform mathematical skills using models and apparatus, and we have learned new blends, letter sounds and digraphs too.

Paul Klee Artwork

Children in Need 2018

Class 1 took part in a 30 minute sponsored silence to raise funds for Children in Need. They were busy, active and silent for the whole time and we were very proud of them. Well done Class 1- you raised a lot of money too.

ch in need

Autumn Term Curriculum

Take a look at our Curriculum Chronicle to see what we will be learning this term- document below.

Phonic Information Meeting

New Starters 2018

Welcome to our new starters! This year we have 14 children joining us at Birstwith- they have settled so well. The children are trying hard to be independent and they are coming into school without their grown ups!

We'd also like to welcome our new teaching assistant, Mrs K Pojtekova who joined us in September.

Our first few weeks- Autumn 2018

End of Summer Term 2018

Water Day & Sports Day

What fabulous weather we have had recently. Class 1 had the opportunity to splash and play in the water outside. We had a great time with the hosepipe cooling off and we watered the garden at the same time!

We also took part in the whole school sports day- a fabulous afternoon full of sunshine, races, team work and fun (topped off with an ice lolly)!

June & July 2018

These last few weeks, we have been learning about the world. The children have learned about hot and cold countries, the Equator, deserts, the Arctic and the rainforests. They are fabulous at finding countries on the world map.

During July, we will be welcoming our new starters, practising for the whole school production and enjoying our trip to the seaside too! See some of the photos from our trip below. Oh I do like to be beside the seaside!

Phonic Information Meeting

Thank you to all those parents who attended the recent information meeting on the teaching of phonics. It was so lovely to see so many of you joining in and finding out about how we teach phonics in Class 1. The infomation slides are below for your information.

Year 1 Phonic Screening

Please speak to Mrs Askew if you have any questions about the sceening check.

Summer Term 2018

We have been learning about important nurses from long ago. We found about how Florence Nightingale made hospitals cleaner and how Mary Seacole helped the soldiers near the battlefield with her homemade medicines.

 In Class 1 we have our own hospital area and we have had great fun pretending to be doctors and nurses. We watched a video about Topsy going to hospital and we learned what happens when you have an operation.

The year 1 children made moving pictures with ambulances that zoomed along and painted beautiful portraits of Mary & Florence. The EYFS children looked at our eyes in detail and created collages of their irises as well as painting their self protraits.

Lastly, we have had a great time learning about the inside of our bodies- we have created a life sized collage to show the bones, muscles and organs.smiley

Take a look at our Curriculum Chronicle for this term...

Curriculum Chronicle Summer(1)

Class 1 Fun!

The children are always busy learning in our indoor and outdoor classroom. Take a look at some of our photographs from the Spring term.


Spring Term 2018

Class 1 started the Spring term learning abut different types of animals. The topic 'Paws, Claws, Hooves & Whiskers' helped the children to learn a great deal of facts about pets, farm animals and safari/wild animals. An exciting part of our topic included a visit to 'Big Sheep, Little Cow'. The children had an amazing time handling ferrets, rats & lambs, brushing pigs and ponies, and stroking a baby llama! We have compared similarities and differences between many animals and the year 1 children created some wonderful fact file and reports. 

In our art lessons, we learned about Lowry, Bruegel and Van Gogh. We had great fun drawing tiny people in the style of Lowry and Bruegel and we made patterns and marks as seen in Van Gogh's starry night.

The second half of the term, we listened to a variety of stories set in a woodland setting as part of our Enchanted Woodland theme. We acted out the Gruffalo for our grown ups and grew an enchanted forest using cress seeds!

Marvellous Maths!

We are amazing mathematicians in Class 1. The EYFS children have been working on their counting skills up to 10 and beyond. They have matched numerals to pictures, ordered numbers and played games outside to spot the correct amount of cones.

The year 1 children have worked hard on new skills. They have compared numbers, practised their place value knowledge and learned strategies to help them add and subtract umbers. This term,  we learned how to use a tens frame to help us with our number bonds and we have recently started partitioning numbers into tens and ones. Wow! Mrs Askew is so impressed with the children's work.

spring 18

Our Farm Trip

Royal Mail...

Hooray! We finally received a reply from Her Majesty's Lady in Waiting. Having written to the Queen in the Autumn Term, we opened a very special letter...

queen letter

Autumn 2017

The new EYFS children have settled beautifully this term. Class 1 are working hard and learning through the play provision. We have a new mud kitchen and we have been spending lots of time outside!

This term, we have been learning about homes, families and our school. We have looked at traditional stories, such as The Gingerbread Man and The Little Red Hen and we have been building homes for people and animals. We learned about animals that hibernate and Guinevere the hedgehog came to visit us.

After half term, we have learned about Queen Elizabeth II and Queen Victoria. We wrote letters to the Queen and posted them to Buckingham Palace. We are hoping that she will reply!

aut 17a2(1)

Summer 2017

This term, we have studied minibeasts in detail. We went on a minibeast hunt around the grounds of school and made a home for some snails. The children  mashed up lettuce and made lettuce soup for the snails. Once we had painted the soup on the sides of the tank, we watched the snails eating it through the glass...we saw the snail's teeth! We looked after some tadpoles and watched them turn into froglets. After they did this, we had to let them go as they became carnivorous. Later in the term, we learned about famous pirates and Christopher Columbus. We made our own maps, pirate ship and flags.

summer 17(1)b5b2image1(1)

Spring 2017

The children have enjoyed our topic on Transport a great deal. We went to visit the National Railway Museum and learned about the Stephenson's Rocket. We had great fun visiting the Menwith Hill Fire Station and discovered new things about emergency vehicles...we were allowed to use the fireman's hose too! PC Powell came to visit us and showed us his police car. We asked him lots of questions about his vehicle and we were allowed to sit inside the police car and turn on the sirens!

spring 17a1a2a3

Autumn 2016

The children have settled well in to Class 1. The EYFS children have been learning through play, both indoor and outdoor, and have made an excellent start to learning their letters and sounds and made new friends. This term, we have focused on a variety of story books to engage the children in their writing...we have pretended to be giants from Jack and the Beanstalk, trolls from The Three Billy Goats Gruff, and Goldilocks from The Three Bears to name a few. Read our newsletters below to find out more.

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