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Class 1 Fun!

The children are always busy learning in our indoor and outdoor classroom. Take a look at some of our photogrpahs from the Spring term.


Summer Term 2018

The Summer term is already here! Keep checking back for updates.smiley

Take a look at our Curriculum Chronicle for this term...

Curriculum Chronicle Summer(1)

Spring Term 2018

Class 1 started the Spring term learning abut different types of animals. The topic 'Paws, Claws, Hoves & Whiskers' helped the children to learn a great deal of facts about pets, farm animals and safari/wild animals. An exciting part of our topic included a visit to 'Big Sheep, Little Cow'. The children had an amazing time handling ferrets, rats & lambs, brushing pigs and ponies, and stroking a baby llama! We have compared similarities and differences between many animals and the year 1 children created some wonderful fact file and reports. 

In our art lessons, we learned about Lowry, Bruegel and Van Gogh. We had great fun drawing tiny people in the style of Lowry and Bruegel and we made patterns and marks as seen in Van Gogh's starry night.

The second half of the term, we listened to a variety of stories set in a woodland setting as part of our Enchanted Woodland theme. We acted out the Gruffalo for our grown ups and grew an enchanted forest using cress seeds!

Marvellous Maths!

We are amazing mathematicians in Class 1. The EYFS children have been working on their counting skills up to 10 and beyond. They have matched numerals to pictures, ordered numbers and played games outside to spot the correct amount of cones.

The year 1 children have worked hard on new skills. They have compared numbers, practised their place value knowledge and learned strategies to help them add and subtract umbers. This term,  we learned how to use a tens frame to help us with our number bonds and we have recently started partitioning numbers into tens and ones. Wow! Mrs Askew is so impressed with the children's work.

spring 18

Our Farm Trip

Royal Mail...

Hooray! We finally received a reply from Her Majesty's Lady in Waiting. Having written to the Queen in the Autumn Term, we opened a very special letter...

queen letter

Autumn 2017

The new EYFS children have settled beautifully this term. Class 1 are working hard and learning through the play provision. We have a new mud kitchen and we have been spending lots of time outside!

This term, we have been learning about homes, families and our school. We have looked at traditional stories, such as The Gingerbread Man and The Little Red Hen and we have been building homes for people and animals. We learned about animals that hibernate and Guinevere the hedgehog came to visit us.

After half term, we have learned about Queen Elizabeth II and Queen Victoria. We wrote letters to the Queen and posted them to Buckingham Palace. We are hoping that she will reply!

aut 17a2(1)

Summer 2017

This term, we have studied minibeasts in detail. We went on a minibeast hunt around the grounds of school and made a home for some snails. The children  mashed up lettuce and made lettuce soup for the snails. Once we had painted the soup on the sides of the tank, we watched the snails eating it through the glass...we saw the snail's teeth! We looked after some tadpoles and watched them turn into froglets. After they did this, we had to let them go as they became carnivorous. Later in the term, we learned about famous pirates and Christopher Columbus. We made our own maps, pirate ship and flags.

summer 17(1)b5b2image1(1)

Spring 2017

The children have enjoyed our topic on Transport a great deal. We went to visit the National Railway Museum and learned about the Stephenson's Rocket. We had great fun visiting the Menwith Hill Fire Station and discovered new things about emergency vehicles...we were allowed to use the fireman's hose too! PC Powell came to visit us and showed us his police car. We asked him lots of questions about his vehicle and we were allowed to sit inside the police car and turn on the sirens!

spring 17a1a2a3

Autumn 2016

The children have settled well in to Class 1. The EYFS children have been learning through play, both indoor and outdoor, and have made an excellent start to learning their letters and sounds and made new friends. This term, we have focused on a variety of story books to engage the children in their writing...we have pretended to be giants from Jack and the Beanstalk, trolls from The Three Billy Goats Gruff, and Goldilocks from The Three Bears to name a few. Read our newsletters below to find out more.

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