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Class 3 - Year 3 and 4



Below is a link to our timetable.  Obviously, things will change and it might not be reflected in these documents, but at least you can see the general process and progress the children will be going through over the year.  If any of you have expertise or ideas in any of these areas, please let us know, it would be great to get some parents in to share their skills. 

Curriculum Overviews

Please explore our Curriculum Overviews to see what exciting things we are learning each half term.

Homework Projects

Here are the interesting options for the homework projects we enjoy creating each half term.

Art following our Roman theme

As we make our way throug hour Roman journey and read texts based on Vesuvius's eruption, study the formation of rocks and discover the reason for straight Roman roads, the children have also been building on their knowledge and appreciation of mosaic tiling.  We have studied pictures and looked at a variety of tiles.  The children have started to experiment with mosaic design and they are discovering what a labour intensive task it is.  We hope to produce some actual tiled mosaics as the term progresses but on the way we will appreciate other artists that borrowed ideas from the Romans and created their own block shape style art.

Covid-19 and isolation

Autumn Term 2021

To end the year, we had a fabulous Christmas party, loads of games, laughs and dancing and we even managed to get the Big Old Man in Red to pay a visit...

Homework from the second part of term

Some more FANTASTIC and extremely creative projects....

School visit to Ryedale Folk Museum

We took our first trip in two years today and went to the Ryedale Folk Museum.  We had an amzing day, immersing ourselves in the historical time of the Iron Age.  We weaved, learnt about dyeing, what types of clothes they wore and how they lived.  We spent time in a reconstructd Ironage house and role played Iron age life- from farming to fishing, defense and cooking.  The children had a really memorable time and behaved impeccably. It was a real pleasure to take them out and see them enjoying an external learning environment. 

Homework Projects

The children have made some amazing creations.  The photos do not do them justice... I have been blown away by the imagination and the effort that has gone into such a successful set of tasks...Well Done everyone. 


Following the success of the Ironman, the children investigated feelings in PSHCE. we had a go at role playing emotions where the children had a go at making the expressions themselves.  See if you can guess the emotion!   After this, we decided to make some Ironman masks with a twist... So, we had a go at sketching different facial emotions then we built 3D faces using egg boxes.  Great creative time and a super range of faces! 

Science - Zoolab



Reading Area

Birstwith - local area study

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