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Class 3 - Year 4 and 5


Welcome to Class 3!

Welcome to our class! In Class 3, we have a mixture of Y4 and Y5 pupils who love to learn together.  In our classroom we have our teacher Miss Watkin and our two lovely teaching assistants, Mrs Olive and Mrs Holland.  We're a super sporty class who love learning in different ways - especially outside! We can't wait to see what challenges this new year will bring. If you'd like to know more about what we're up to, have a look at our class page below! 

Meet our staff!

Our teacher is called Miss Watkin - she arrived at Birstwith School last year. She loves teaching our wide and varied curriculum, but her favourite subjects are English, history and geography. She also loves to read us stories at storytime and is partial to the occasional dance break! Mrs Holland is super helpful - she always knows just the right way to explain something if we feel stuck. She loves history and is full of interesting facts! Mrs Olive is really kind and always knows just what to say when you feel sad. She loves to read and has worked really hard to make our library as lovely as it can be. Both of our support staff members have lots of experience working with children 1:1 and in small specialist groups, which enables us to have lots of different working set-ups during lessons. This makes sure everyone can learn in the environment that's right for them smiley

Homework projects!

Every half term we are set an engaging and exciting home learning task by Miss Watkin - we always theme it around one of the topics we are studying. If you'd like to know what we've been up to, or need to consult your child's letter again, you can find them below!

Curriculum Overviews

Every half term Miss Watkin will update this area of the page with our curriculum overview - this will tell you all about what we'll be learning in each subject. 

Spring 1

This half term, our focus has been on our new topic 'Kings and Queens'. To support this learning, we took a trip to Barley Hall in York to learn more about the Wars of the Roses. We took a tour of the historic building and got to have a look at some Tudor weaponry with helped Henry VII win at the Battle of Bosworth. We also learned about the plays and writings of William Shakespeare. We also got to have lunch in the real Tudor dining hall, which was very exciting. It was a great day out!

Autumn 2022

We're being super scientists!

In science, we've been learning about 'States of Matter' - so we've frozon things, melted things, and now we're dissolving things! Today we used real test tubes and filtration papers to create solutions and see if we could separate them. The salt just wouldn't stick in that paper, so we've left it out in the classroom for the magic (evaporation!) to take place!

In Autumn 2, we've been experimenting with forces.  We've been testing the effects of gravity on different objects and seeing how that interacts with air resistance.  In this lesson, we had a race to see who's paper would hit the ground first. We found that screwing our paper up into little tiny pieces made it fall much faster than in a flat sheet! 

Teaching the teachers!

In our class, we earn pom-poms in our reward box for good behaviour, excellent work and clever answers. In only three weeks we earned enough pom-poms for our first reward - a student/teacher swap! We used our school Chromebooks to make interesting slideshows all about our favourite topics - then we made Mrs Olive, Mrs Holland and Miss Watkin sit in our little chairs and learn all abour our specialities. It was a really lovely chance to share some of our personal interests with our classroom staff - art, mountain biking and video games were amongst some of the fantastic presentation topics. 

A super special visitor!

On 21st November 2022, we had a visit from Mr Rigby. Mr Rigby owns a comic book store in our local town of Harrogate, and he came to us to teach us all about them! We focused on comics all about sports, like Roy of the Rovers - it turns out comics aren't just for superheroes! He showed us comics about all sorts of sports, even ones that had been made up. It was loads of fun to link them with our topics and create characters based off our sporting heroes. We used his inspriation to create lots of our own sporty comics - some of them are going to be on display at his shop! If you'd like to see them, then head to the Everyman Cinema in Harrogate - his shop (Destination Venus) is under the stairs.  If you would like Mr Rigby to come to your school, give his shop a ring!

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