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Platinum Jubilee

How lovely it was to end the term with a party!  Thank you to everyone that put in that bit of extra jubilee effort to make it such an enjoyable afternoon.  It was wonderful to see so many families come in to the school grouns and support the event.  The cakes were ridiculous! Very popular, and snapped up at the auction- raising over £350 for Birstwith and the Ukranian Appeal.  The children's bunting and portraits really made the show and the country dancing was enjoyed by everyone. Thank you to the PTA, parents, staff, governors and children for making the day memorable and sign of things to come in the future! See you all at the summer fair !!! 

A little picnic!!

We thought we would make the most of the great weather and the fact that two classes were out on school trips!  So, Class 2 and 3 got together and had some sunny fun, playing rounders and munching their lunch on the grass, dotted around the school field- Happy days smiley

Egg rolling 2022

The 'World Famous' Birstwith Egg Roll returned with an audience today!! The Year 6s were allowed their last roll and all the children that have joined us over the past couple of years had their first taste of the enjoyable event.  The rain stayed off us and the children had great fun rolling their personalised eggs off the ramp to see which one travelled the furthest.  Awards were given for longest rolls and best decorated egg- Happy days !! 

East Barnby Residential February 2022

Years 5 and 6 from Admiral Long and Birstwith finally managed to get away and earn their rite of passage on what has always been the highlight of any primary school memory.  More details will follow but enjoy the pictures for now ! 

World Book Day 2020

This year for World Book Day we decided to something a little bit different. We had a special day in school dedicated to books, stories and reading. There were three main parts to the day:

1. Story time, where we asked members of our school community to come into school to read and share stories with us. We then recorded our thoughts and feelings about the stories and how we felyt about reading to make a whole school reading tree.
2. A decorated potato competition, where we all brought in potatoes decorated as book characters and then displayed them for everyone to see in the hall.
3. A book 'swap shop' where we got the chance to bring a book we no longer wanted from home and swap it with someone else.

Everyone had a lovely time and we'd like to say a huge thank you to everyone that helped us make the day such a success.

School 'Summer' trip to Saltburn

Well, this summer's trip certainly allowed us to display our true 'Birstwithness'! As other schools took refuge from the over cast skies and were cordoned off on the promenade to have their packed lunch, we tok ourselves and our ice cream straight to the receeding shoreline.  Buckets and spades a-plenty, we soon got to work, engineering water troughs to link all sorts of water holes.  The kids took off their shoes and socks, rolled up their trousers and ventured into the chilly water.  After a short freeze, we then went to get our fish and chips.  Laden with the delights, we sat, watching the sea retreat as it revealed she sandy flat beach.  After lunch, more digging resumed, rounders/cricket took off and we had one last dip in the sea.  The while day was a huge success and it was a real joy to see all the children behaving so well and sharing their experiences in such a friendly manner.  Hopefully next year, we will be more fortunate with the weather but saying that, a little drizzle and an overcast sky did nothing to dampen the Birstwith spirit!!  

Outdoor Classroom Day 2019

In May, the school took themselves outside to enhance their learning experience.  All sorts of different activities were given to the children.  Fortunately, the weather was favourable and it allowed the children to be within the natural environment whilst completing their learning objectives.  Enjoy the photos below that catch the essence of the day. 

We were also really lucky to be able to take the whole of Class 4 into the woods for a whole class Forest School session.  It was really interesting to see the two year groups mix, sharing their expereinces, knowledge and special places with their peers.  it was a real success and hopefully it has opened the possibility to further mixed groups experienceing the wonderful environment during school time. 

World Book Day 2019

Once again, Birstwith School fully embraced World Book Day, with adults and children alike sharing their favourite books and characters with the rest of the school.  The Assembly was a spectacle to behold with characters from Harry Potter, Willy Wonka, Mary Poppins all the way to Gangsta Granny, Esio Trot, a DInosaur and Frida Kahlo. What was equally lovely was hearing the children talk about their characters, read to each other from their favourite books and use their time in class to demonstrate some of their Literacy skills through their love of the books they read. Well Done Everybody!! 

Remembrance Day 2018 - Armistice Day

This year's Remembrance Day was very special as it marked 100 years since the end of the First World War in 1918. We had our usual service of Remembrance in school and looked at the village War Memorial, which we are honoured to have in our school hall. 

To mark the 100 years we made a display of 100 poppies, one to represent each year. Every child made a poppy and we each added them to our display at the start of our service.

A Day at the Seaside

Every summer at the end of term Mrs Bedford lets us have a day off classroom learning and we all have a whole school trip out. For the last two years we have had a day at the seaside. We've been very lucky with the weather and everyone has had a fabulous time. We've had ice creams, fish and chips and a paddle in the sea. A brilliant way to relax and have fun together after a busy year in school.


Egg Rolling

Each Easter we hold our unique egg rolling competition. The 'Friends of Birstwith' hard boil us enough eggs for everyone to decorate and then we roll them down the playground to find out our winners. This is a real highlight of the year and everyone enjoys cheering and supporting each other.


Christmas Lunch

Charlotte, our cook, once again prepared a feast for our Birstwith School Christmas lunch. Governors and friends joined us for our very special meal.

Choir singing at the Birstwith Luncheon Club

On Tuesday 6th December 2016 the choir went up to the Church Hall and sang carols and Christmas songs with the more senior members of the community after they had enjoyed their Christmas lunch. This event is a tradition in the Birstwith School Christmas calendar as is thoroughly enjoyed by everyone.


Dressing the Tree

Each year at Birstwith School we all work together to decorate our Christmas Tree. Eveyone gets together in the school hall and takes it in turns to choose decorations to add to the tree.  After this, we have a Carol Service in school where all the local community join us to sing together. This signals the start of our Christmas celebrations in school.

Our New Logo

This year the pupils, staff, parents and Governing body have been involved in updating the school logo. We felt that after many more than 20 years, the picture we used on uniform, letterheads etc was looking a bit dated and we wished the school to continue to look vibrant and forward looking. A committee worked on it, with the final plan being approved by the governing body.

We believed it was important to keep the building as a feature in the design, as it has been so synonymous with Birstwith School for so long, but in an updated form, and the rainbow is a Christian symbol of God’s faithfulness and mercy, which as a school with a Church of England foundation is also significant. This will now be used on all school paperwork and will gradually be phased in on new uniform from our supplier over the next few years. We would like to thank Simon Bell from Adbell Sign Systems for helping up in finalizing the design and providing it in publishable form!

To celebrate our new logo we all worked togther to create a display in the hall. Each class worked on a different segment of the rainbow.

School Games Day 2016

We were really lucky with the weather again this year for our School Games day. The rain held off until after the very last race and only poured down for the final results announcements and the clear up. Bishop Thornton School joined us for our races and each team worked together well and showed really good sporting spirit. The Friends of Birstwith provided everyone with ice lollies to cool down after the races and ran a tea tent in aid of the Cystic Fibrosis Trust.

Excellent team work, encouragement and behaviour made it a day for both schools to be proud of.

Den Day 2016

World Book Day 2016

Christmas 2015

Open The Book Collective Worship


Birstwith's Got Talent July 2015

Our annual talent contest was bigger and better than ever this year. The year six children organised, advertised and judged the contest and provided the prizes. It was a fantastic showcase for the best of Birstwith's talent.


Whole School Production - Robin Hood 2015

Our whole school production this summer was 'Robin Hood'. Everyone worked really hard rehearsing and learning their parts and we were thrilled with the final performance. The Year sixes showed off their dramatic talents beautifully and we'll never forget Adam's wonderful voice and Jacob's evil laugh.


Den Day 2015

To raise money for 'Save the Children' the children took part in a sponsored den building day on a sunny day in June.

All the children were involved and worked in mixed year group teams. The challenge was to design and build a den that provided shelter, was strong, comfortable and attractive. Each team worked together on their design, chose a team name and collected their materials together to build their den. We then took all of our materials out onto the school field and began our building. After the dens were finished everyone had a den picnic and parents and Governors arrived to view the dens and vote for their favourites.

Everyone had an absolutely fantastic day working together and we were all very proud of the finished dens. When all the adult votes were added together, the winners were...

Best den  -...

Best decorated den -...

Best team work -...

Altogether we raised - ...for Save the Children

Bunny Drive April 2015

One of the highlights of the school year is our Easter Bunny Drive. Everyone met in the hall after school and instead of a 'Beetle Drive' we had a 'Bunny Drive' with prizes for the highest and lowest score. Mrs Holland provided the refreshments and a great time was had by all. Roll on next year!


Easter Craft Day March 2015 - Classes 1 and 2

Instead of our traditional Christmas Craft Day the teachers decided to try an Easter Craft Day. Everyone got to choose the activities they would like to try and the older children worked hard helping the younger children to complete the tricky parts. We had helpers from the local community who all enjoyed working with the children. It was fantastic to see everyone working together and feeling so proud of their results.


School Games Day July 2014

We were lucky enough to have a lovely day for our school games this year. The children from Bishop Thornton joined us and we were cheered on by some very enthusiastic parents. The Friends of Birstwith School kindly provided the children with iced lollies as refreshment and provided a very flowery tea tent for the grown ups. A super afternoon for all involved - including our Governors in charge of the score board!

Whole School Trip to Thorp Perrow Arboretum - July 2014

This year's whole school trip was to Thorpe Perrow Arboretum. Everyone really enjoyed playing in the trees and the adventure playground, but the most exciting part of the day was meeting the birds of prey and seeing them fly so close to us.


The Tour De France July 2014

The children celebrated 'Le Grand Depart' with a special celebration day in school, including a wonderful performance by the choir, and every child decorated a yellow t-shirt. A fantastic time was had by all.


Birstwith School’s Sport Relief Mad Marathon March 2014

On the afternoon of Friday 21st March the children joined together to complete a ‘Mad Marathon’.

The 42.195 kilometres of a normal marathon was divided between the children in school so that each child completed 0.5km or 500m around the school field. This meant that by working together the children completed a Marathon.

The ‘mad’ part was that the children chose how to complete their distance. We saw all sorts of crazy things, from a troop of drummers, a space walking spaceman, somersaults, legs tied together and the unforgettable tipping wheelbarrow.

Before the children completed their 'run' the Young Leaders from Class 4 lead short warm up sessions.

Amazingly, altogether the children’s hard work raised a massive £723.14 for Sport Relief. We were all so proud of their fantastic fundraising efforts. A big thank you must also go to all the people who donated or sponsored us so generously.

Well done everyone – a great afternoon for a great cause!


Christingle January 2014

We started the New Year with a lovely Christingle service in Church, lead by the Year 6's and Mrs Bedford.

All the children worked hard in the morning preparing their Christingles, guided by some of our friends from the Church.


Christmas Celebrations 2013

Our Christmas festivities in school this year were great fun and a super opportunity for us all to come together and celebrate.

They started with our traditional Christmas lunch, cooked for all the staff, children and Governors by our fantastic cook Charlotte. Everyone sat down and shared lunch together.


On the last day of term the children enjoyed their Christmas parties with lots of party games and skillful dancing. We all had our party lunch altogether in the hall, made by Charlotte with The Friends adding some extra treats.


After lunch we were very excited to get a very special visit from a very busy man...


Art Week - November 2013

As part of our Art Week we went on a whole school trip to RHS Harlow Carr Gardens.

We had a wonderful time and were very lucky to have a dry and sunny day. Each class took part in an Art based workshop lead by the Harlow Carr teachers and enjoyed lots of time completing other art activities with their class teachers.

We also worked in our mixed aged house teams, creating a textile wall display showing different Geographical areas of the world.


School Games Day - July 2013

We were lucky to have a wonderfully sunny day this year. Yellow team were victorious, but everyone had a great time competing in activities and races while the spectators enjoyed tea and cakes in the sunshine.

Donkey Sanctuary Visit

Eloise in Class 1 arranged for The Donkey Sanctuary (Elisabeth Svendsen Trust for Children and Donkeys) to bring a donkey to school to meet everyone. It was fascinating to learn about what donkeys and the Sanctuary does and everyone enjoyed having a stroke.


Dressing The Christmas Tree

Every year we have a very special tradition of dressing the Christmas tree. Every child in the school gets to choose a bauble and place it on our tree. It's a lovely way to start the Christmas festivities in school.

Children In Need

This year to raise money for Children In Need everyone in school wore their pyjamas to school for the day - including the teachers! We had a very comfy day and raised lots of money, helped by one of our very popular cake stalls.

DT Project - Building a Model of Birstwith

Years 1 to 6 enjoyed working together to build a model of our village as part of our whole school 'Where we Live' topic.

Each team, made up of children from each class was given a different section of the village to build. Class 1 even joined in and took on the job of building the Reading rooms and cottages opposite school and made a fantastic job of their construction.

The teams designed, built and decorated their models and then they displayed them in the hall for the parents to see. Litres of glue and paint, metres of brown tape and sellotape and literally hundreds of cardboard boxes and technical discussions contributed to the process and everyone at school was very proud and delighted with the finished result.

Our Jubilee Celebrations

To celebrate the Queen's Jubilee we held a huge afternoon tea for the school community. We showed off our country dancing skills, the choir performed and we had a patriotic sing song in the hall where we all enjoyed waving our flags. It was an afternoon to remember!

Our Annual Egg Rolling Competition

Each Easter we hold an egg rolling competition, organised by the Friends of Birstwith. There are prizes for the best decorated eggs and for the eggs that travel the furthest distance across the playground. We always have a wonderful time cheering each other on.

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