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Forest School 2022-2023

Year 3 and Year 4 return to the woods

The children returned to the woods to kick off Forest School for this term.  They were very enthusiastic and got straight into building new dens, lighting fires and refreshing their whittling skills.  It was lovely to see them exploring and sharing the space so well. 

As the weeks have continued, we have had some wetter weather but it hasn't dampened the spirit in the woods!  We have been sliding down zip wires, balancing on tight-ropes...making dens and bases.  One boy has been mining and discovering all sorts of rocks.  The whittling skills are getting honed and the interest in making more than just a marshmallow toaster is developing.  The children have been amazing supporting ideas and developing their spaces.  Great work everyone! 

This week, the children got a bit experimental with colour.... After spotting a deer and thinking about what it was eating, they went on a hunt to find some berries.  Once the berries were found, the intenetion was to make some deer treats...It ended up with the children creating a makeshift hairdressers where they dyed each others hair with the berry juice.  All very fancy! Other children built elaborate seating areas, tightrope walked and further developed  their whittling and fire making skills.  Great to hear so much laughter amongst the trees.

Our final week was a very soggy one.  The children were amazing though and used the woods in a very inventive way.  SOme collected run off rainwater to help fill the water butt.  Others used the rain water to wash and clean impliments.  We had copious amounts of hot chocolate to lift the mood, on a fire built in a Scandinavian Fire style.  it gave off incredible heat and enabled us to remain warm and cosy in pretty bleak conditions.  Well done Class 3 on a brilliant Forest School stint.  See you next year! 

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