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Forest School @ Birstwith Autumn 2018

Year 4

Well Year 4 kicked off Forest School with some enthusiasm.  The wind, rain and freezing temperatures didn't dampen any spirits as the team picked up pretty much exactly where they had left it last year! It was lovely to see how much they could all remember. Sophia returned with her special piece of zipwire wood, most of the children could remember the safety aspects surrounding tools and fires and even when darkness set in, the children comfortably sat around the fires toasting marshmallows and drinking hot chocolate...

The second week proved to be equally challenging...Possibly the wettest conditions we have had to date, but, all the children soldiered through, built dens, whittled and they even managed to enjoy another hot chocolate to warm their souls!!

Year 3

What a pleasure it was to have this group return... They had not been in the woods since June and they could all remember tool saftey and fire safety protocol.  It was wonderful to see them get stuck into it straight away, whittling, fire building, chopping and investigating. What a fantastic 4 weeks... we have had everything.  The children took on new experiences with gusto.  Some were very creative with sticks, others built their own furniture.  The boys worked together magnificently to maintain their fire for well over 10 minutes- it was so well organised, we had our hot chocolate around it!  We even tried to make muffins baked in oranges.  This is a work in progress but definitely an experience to remember! Well done all of you!!

Year 2

The children had a lot of investigating the larger woodland.  They worked really well individually, in pairs and in groups to leave their mark on the Forest School area.  New firsts for myself and Mrs Walker were the wooded bridge building, the toasting of green leaves and the shameless toliet stop! 

There is always something new :) 

Year 2

Week 2 and the children brought some fantastic imagination.  They started off using their senses on the midnight walk- the instructions were excellent and they all safely navigated their way through the winding labyrinth.  From this soome continued to explore with their senses, others created a fantastic ninja fox hunt game.  Some of the children experimented with fire lighting whilst others honed their knife skills, whittling sticks ready for marshmallows and hot chocolate! yummy:) 

Year 2

Well it's come to an end with Year 2 but what a fantastic time they have had...It has been so wonderful to see the children blossom in the woods.  Their enthusiasm and confidence was brimming over and they took part in a whole host of different adventures.  It was super to see the children experimenting with ropes and how they created a pulley system to hoist their friends onto a makeshift climbing frame.  Some children had their own stick war, others baked cheesy bread whilst others continues to build dens, make fires, whittle sticks as well as toast marshmallows! We even has our first Forest tooth fall out- possibly a result of all the sticky goodness the children consumed!! Hope you enjoy the pictures.  Thanks again to Mrs Walker; if there are any other adults that would like to get involved, please speak to me :)

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