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Squirrel Class

Welcome Back to Squirrel Class!! Wow what a strange year it has been.  Things are pretty different this year but I am sure after a little while, we will settle down into a new rhythm and we'll soon be firing on all cylinders again. The class has been set up in a typical 'Victorian' fashion to comply with Covid-19 guidance and the children will all be facing forwards with as little movement around the classroom as possible.  Myself, Mrs Paxton and Mrs Virr will be with the children for the whole day, teaching, supporting, monitoring their breaks, serving their dinners and seeing them off at the end of the day.  This will enable us to maintain a 'bubble' and we will be encouraging as much hygiene and sanitation as possible to maintain a safe and clean environment.  Lunch will be eaten in the classroom at their designated seats and the children will be encouraged to take breaks (outside) as much as possible so wet-weather gear is advised. If your child need to isolate but is well because of Covid-19 in the household, please let us know and we can supply a learning programme to keep them up to date with the curriculum. Feel free to explore the webpage, see what we are up to and if you have any queries, contact the office and to pass a message on.  Fingers crossed for a healthy and successful full year! Mr Roylaugh

What are we up to?

If you are interested in what your child will be covering this year, please take a look at the Long term Plan.  Obviously, things may change but it gives you a chance to keep up to date with what is happening in the class.

 Squirrel Long term plan 2020/21


The children are appreciating artists like Andy Goldsworthy, Henry Moore and Barbara Hepworth this term.  They have looked at a range of work and sorted different pieces of work by recognising style, form and materials.  They then went on to reproduce work having been influenced by these artisits.  Their clay skills were remarkable and their finished products are very pleasing. 


On of the limitations with the classroom set up is the practical element of science.  We are having to do some front of house investigations where the whole class share in the process.  We are studying 'Living things and their habitats'  and started with plants.  We dissected a beautiful rose brought in by one of the pupils; she even shares her name with the rose! See if you can name the different parts of the flower- which parts are male and which parts are female? What parts of the flower are missing from the photos? 

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