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Squirrel Class Summer 2021!!!

Well, it's getting back to normal ...slowly.  The need to reamin distanced and the sanitation continues, but the interaction of our bubble is becoming a little more easier.   Clubs are back and our class will be taking part in cricket club with Mr Whitford.  Hopefully, as the term progresses, we will be able to integrate more, allow parents onsite and have group activities...

Keep well, and be proud of all you have achieved . 

Mr Roy and Mrs Paxton

Design Technology- Designing and creating a Covid banner

In History, we have been investigating our local area and finding out all things Victorian about the buildings and what life must have been like. We have investigated primary and secondary sources

Squirrel Class return Spring 2021!!!

Welcome back ....AGAIN!!! So, this is hopefully the start of our full return to school with no more disruptions (fingers crossed).  Firstly I wantto say how proud I am at how well the children have all managed themselves through this wierd and testing time.  I have been hugely impressed by their independence, willingness to learn and ability to adapt to new techniques, new expectations.  The return to school is going to bring another adjustment to our lives and we will endeavour to make it as comfortable as possible.  If there is anything that you need help with, please contact us through the office.  We are really looking forward to seeing how much the children have grown during their absence from school and we are so pleased that ALL the children will be able to enjoy what a school has to offer from academic to social support.  

We will remain in a bubble and our movements around the school will still be limited.  Hand sanitation and distancing will still be encouraged and the staggered start/finish times still apply.  PE will be on a Tuesday and Thursday and the children are encouraged to come to school in their PE kits (joggers and shorts, white top and school jumper/cardigan).  This is all until the end of the spring term where things may change for the better for the summer term. 

Keep well, and be proud of all you have achieved .  Share your stories with us when you get back! 

Mr Roy and Mrs Paxton

World Book Day 2021

So impressed with everyone's efforts!!!! If anything, Lockdown has made us all so much more creative! Hope to see some 'at home' pictures too!!!

It is so good to have the children back...below, you will see some fresh, grown up faces and our 'Lip sync battle' which took place to raise money for Comic Relief. Red Nose day wsa a huge success, with lots of money raised and a chance for the children to laugh, act and do something funny for money!! Hopeto post some videos soon!! 

Squirrel Class

Welcome Back to Squirrel Class!! Wow what a strange year it has been.  Things are pretty different this year but I am sure after a little while, we will settle down into a new rhythm and we'll soon be firing on all cylinders again. The class has been set up in a typical 'Victorian' fashion to comply with Covid-19 guidance and the children will all be facing forwards with as little movement around the classroom as possible.  Myself, Mrs Paxton and Mrs Virr will be with the children for the whole day, teaching, supporting, monitoring their breaks, serving their dinners and seeing them off at the end of the day.  This will enable us to maintain a 'bubble' and we will be encouraging as much hygiene and sanitation as possible to maintain a safe and clean environment.  Lunch will be eaten in the classroom at their designated seats and the children will be encouraged to take breaks (outside) as much as possible so wet-weather gear is advised. If your child need to isolate but is well because of Covid-19 in the household, please let us know and we can supply a learning programme to keep them up to date with the curriculum. Feel free to explore the webpage, see what we are up to and if you have any queries, contact the office and to pass a message on.  Fingers crossed for a healthy and successful full year! Mr Roylaugh

Further baking

Archie has been back in the kitchen and he has conjured up some extra scrummy end of the week treats for us!! This week, he made- Mrs Holland's famous fork biscuits (recipe can be found in the No1 best seller -  Birstwith Recipe book!) He spent the week preparing the area, measuring and getting his equipment ready.  On Thursday, he spent the day measuring, mixing and baking.  On questioning, Archie was able to tell me the steps to the bake quite clearly and his verbal responses to knowing how things were cooked and the different senses involved in recognising a 'good bake' were spot on! Definite future there smiley

Art and Design investigations

Following on from our research into British sculptors and artists,  we continued our journey and looked at work by Anish Kapoor; famous for many things but most notabely the Arcelor Mittal Orbit which looked over the Olympic Stadium in 2012.  We then revisted the great William Morris and we were introduced to more modern artists in the textile world by way of Mary White, Lucienne Day and Kath Kidson.  We are very lucky in Britain, to have such great artists and such a strong history of inspiring textile design.  The children looked at repeated patterns, the use of organic objects and simplifying objects to enable a design to be copied and repeated.  The children then experimented with plasticine to see if they could replicate some designs, create texture using different tools and create their own repeating pattern drawing on the influences we had looked at.  Enjoy the slide show below demonstrating their creativitysmiley

Children in Need 2020

The kids have been amazing for Childern in Need- loads of support and enthusiasm.  We had special guests arrive by way of Joey and Wicksy and they took the class through a tough workout.  it brought rosy cheeks and lots of smiles! Well done everyone for your efforts and support. laughyes

Archie's Bake Off

This week, Archie has been baking for the class! he worked on weeights and measure, money for shopping, and then combining his ingredients to produce a pretty scrummy cake! He was exhausted after all the effort he put in but the reward was worth it... Orders have been put in for next week 

What are we up to?

If you are interested in what your child will be covering this year, please take a look at the Long term Plan.  Obviously, things may change but it gives you a chance to keep up to date with what is happening in the class.

 Squirrel Long term plan 2020/21


The children are appreciating artists like Andy Goldsworthy, Henry Moore and Barbara Hepworth this term.  They have looked at a range of work and sorted different pieces of work by recognising style, form and materials.  They then went on to reproduce work having been influenced by these artisits.  Their clay skills were remarkable and their finished products are very pleasing. 


On of the limitations with the classroom set up is the practical element of science.  We are having to do some front of house investigations where the whole class share in the process.  We are studying 'Living things and their habitats'  and started with plants.  We dissected a beautiful rose brought in by one of the pupils; she even shares her name with the rose! See if you can name the different parts of the flower- which parts are male and which parts are female? What parts of the flower are missing from the photos? 

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