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School Sports @ Birstwith

Welcome to Birstwith's School Sports webpage.  I am happy to be leading the sporting excellence in the school and I hope this page allows you to follow the varied and successful events that all the children at Birstwith have the opporunity to take part in- either organised by ourselves or by external providers.  At present, I am working on creating a Sports Leadership Crew that will implement a range of sports for the younger children during school time.  I am sure news will soon follow to detail their training and future plans.  Alongside this, I am working with them and Mrs Elias ( our Governor voice for PE) to ensure we can apply for recognised sports awards and recognition for all the superb sports that Birstwith offer.  Feel free to contact me via DB Primary or the office if you have any ideas  OR if you have some sporting links that would benefit the school. 

Thank you, Mr Roy - PE Lead and Squirrels Class Teacher. 

Spring time remote activities.


I am going to post information about keeping active here. There will be a host of different websites and newsletters from out two sporting partners- The Harrogate School Sports Partnership and Sporting Influence.  They have been incredibly supportive to the school and children during the pandemic, and continue to engage and inspire children to maintian their fitness and love for sport.  Please click the links and get involved! 

Ultimate Warrior

Personal Challenges

Road to Tokyo

Road to Tokyo progress

Haiku writing challenge

Year 5 & 6 Sports leadership programme



Keeping active whatever the weather!

Keeping active is essential and in the world we are living in at the moment, the importance of our physical health is brought to our attention even more.   We, as adults are the role models for the children and we need to demonstrate how to be positive with physical activity, how to eat healthily and how important swtiching off, relaxing and sleeping is.  We all recognise that too muc screen time can have a detrimental effect on all of us in a myriad of ways but we are also finding ourselves forced into spending more time in front of a screen- like now! frown

Below are some links to help engage, motivate and challenge you and your family to encourage everyone to be more active and spend time wiht each other in the real world... Have fun smiley



School Sports @ Birstwith with Covid-19 regulations

Under the governments guidelines, sport is slightly differnt to previous years.  The children will be encouraged to sanitise their hands and any regularly used equipment before and after use.  Some equipment can be left in 'isolation' for 72hrs and will be safe for use again.  The children will be designated areas that they can take part in PE/ sport and clubs will be restricted to particular bubbles.  

We will still be working alongside Sporting Influence and they have strict Covid-19 risk assessments that we will be abiding to to minimise contact and proximity to each other.  It is still vital that children and adults are as active as possible.  Children should be getting at least 1 hour of activity into their daily lives.  It is the school's responsibility to provide 30 minutes and we strive to provide more, but if you can encourage your child to be more active and even join in with them, it will only benefit them. laugh

Sporting competitions have been curtailed somewhat; the previous trips to various sporting venues have obviously been stopped but we are trying to encourage the children to partake in as many 'virtual inter-school' competitions as possible.  The children will take part in intra'school competitions and the results pooled with the county.  The overall results will be tallied and a winner will be produced.  

Support and Donations.

I am very happy to thank a number of parents that have been supporting sport @ Birstwith with gifts and donations.  We have been lucky to recieve gifts by way of equipment such as netball posts, tennis balls, goal posts and footballs.  Also, we have had our membership to the Birstwith Tennis courts paid for by a local resident.  Local companies have been in support too - Ribstons, furthering our ability to provide high quality sport to the children. Thank you everyone that has helped and if anyone else feels they could assist either with donations or time, please contact me. Mr Roy

Football Year 5 and 6 at Nidderdale

Through wind and rain, the boys took on 3 other teams and put on a valiant effort.  The passing and communication improved as they got to know each other and they understood how the boggy pitch affected the balls movements.  They boys put on a great show, demonstrating teamwork and good sportsmanship, Arthur and Ciaran proved to be reliable keepers whilst Luca and Jamie managed to slot some awesome goals past the opposing keepers. In the end, there was a three-way-tie for first and so it came down to goal difference... Even here, there was a tie so it came down to which goals were scored in which games... from this, unfortunately, we came third but the boys held there heads up high and applauded the otherteams as they received their certificates. Well done and better luck next time! 

Mixed Football Year 3 and 4 at Nidderdale

Well, the sun came out today for the Birstwith footballers.  The team put on a sterling effort to take part in their first ever competitive tournament.  They pulled together as a very cometitive team and demonstrated some true grit and determination.  In the end, we came a respectable 3rd and even though the team were a little down heartened by their result, they showed real spirit and resilience as well as promise for the future.  Now they have had a taste of inter-school competition and games on much larger pitches, I am sure they will have a better chance of defeating the opposition in games to come...

Sports Day 2019

What a great day!! The sun was out, the children were prepared and the parents turned out enmasse! It was a very successful afternoon with all the different coloured teams competing in good spirits to win the coveted shield trophy.  All the events went very smoothly and the children had lots of fun whether they won or managed to finish the race. Thank-you to all the parents that helped with the placing of the athletes and to all the scorers.  The Friends set up a charity stall to raise awareness and money for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and the cakes were snapped up.  It was a real pleasure to see all the teams compete and to hear them cheer their respective competitor on.  Bishop Thornton joined us to and they merged with the Birstwith crowd seamlessly. An added extra this year were the cheerleaders that filled segments during the sporting transitions.  They were organised into KS1 and KS2 and they put on an awesome performance, entertaining the crowds with their pom-poms and razzmatazz!  Well done to everyone and a special well done to the GREEN team that were triumphant this year... Let's see what happens next year!  

Y5/6 Tri Golf tournament at the Harrogate Golf Club

Two teams attended the Tri Golf tournament.  They took part in a wide range of fun golfing games to introduce them to the sport.  They all had a great time even in some pretty chilly conditions! 

Y5/6 Hockey Finals @ Harrogate High

The hockey team had progressed straight through to the finals from the area tournament and 7 schools gathered to take part in a very hotly contested tournament.  Our six players took on their opposition brilliantly, using their skill, communication and speed to score some super goals and defend superbly.  The rules and the ball proved difficult for some of our more experienced hockey players to contend with but the children played with real passion and after an exhausting set of six matches, they came third overall.  Well done everyone for playing so well together and giving it everything you had. 

Y5/6 Netball at Nidderdale tournament

Under conditions that had not much improved since the rugby tournament, two teams went to Nidderdale High to see how they would compare to the local schools in a thrilling tournament.  Considering we have been learning the sport in a very confined space and the team was severely depleted, both teams performed admirably, learnt a lot about the sport as well as their strengths and weaknesses. After a fast and furious round-robin of matches, the team that had 5 players managed to match Fountains school in terms of games won.  Unfortunately, the winners were the team with the most goals scored which meant we got pushed into second place by one goal. The other Birstwith team with only 4 players came a very respectable 3rd.  One area that we did do really well with was with the School Games Values... we normally come away with one, but this time, we cleaned up with Maisie getting one for Determination, Will getting one for Honesty, Isabella getting one for Respect  and both the Jessica's getting one for Self-Belief. This was a fantastic achiement in itself and made me very proud of them.  Well done all of you for putting in such a fantastic effort and upholding the school's values. 

Y5/6 Tag Rugby tournament

In November, The whole of Year 5 and Year 6 visited the Harrogate Rugby Club and took part in a huge Tag rugby competition.  The conditions were not the best- foggy, damp and a little chilly but the three teams competed brilliantly against a range of different teams from across the Harrogate region.  Due to the unfriendly conditions, some of the games were cut short but everyone had a fabulous day, experiencing the highs and lows of winning and losing as well as sharing some super memories of team work and comararderie. We didn't win the overall tournament but we did win the a school games band and learnt a lot about how to make the game progess when we return to school. 

Football Tournament

In October we took a mixed group of children to take part in a Y5/6 inter-school competition at Harrogate Town FC.  The arena was superb and the children had a fantastic time.  We won some, drew some and lost some but the sporting atmosphere was amazing.  Well done to all that went and represented the school so well.

In September we took a mixed Year 3 and 4 team to the small schools football tournament at St John Fisher High School. The team played brilliantly and won or drew all their matches which made them overall winners. Everyone was very proud of themselves and showed excellent sportsmanship congratulating the other teams on their achievements and each other on their goals and excellent defence. Well done Birstwith!

Summer Term 2018

This term kicks off with a level 3 Hockey final.  We then have a whole host of sporting events to compete against other schools in.  We welcome Sporting Influence once again to support our PE provision and we look forward to sunny outdoor exercise!!

The team went to Harogate Hockey Club for the Level 3 finals.  They had a gruelling competition of 8 rounds of games in the most intense heat.  The children put in a huge effort and showed real tenacity when games became hard and hot!  they did the school proud and demonstrated that small schools can compete vert well against their larger contemporaries. 

Spring Term 2018

It has been a wet and soggy term and this has had an impact on the PE...saying this, the children have embraced all the sport that has been on offer and they have made the most of any outdoor oportunities to use the playground for sport.  There has been a variety of sport on offer eg: hockey, netball, dodgeball, skipping, orienteering and ball control skills.  

Again more inter-school competitions were attended and the school is doing very well; we have entered 10 different inter-school competions and we have advanced into the level 3 finals on 3 occasions.  Well done to all that entered! 

In the spring term, we celebrated Sports Relief with and opportunity to dress up as a sporty person and to sample a range of sports which included running, dancing, skipping, hula hooping, keepy ups, tiddly winks and dodgeball. A lot of fun was had and a whopping £300 was raised. 

Autumn Term 2017

The whole school has had a tremendous term of sport.  We had a number of sporting competitions in the school and at other venues against other local schools.  The year 2's started their swimming lessons at the Hydro and we look forward to hearing of their success.  We were fortunate enough to have the expertise of Sporting Influence to support our PE provision across the school which has helped all the children access different sports.  

In addition to all of this some children in class 4 were selected to be sports leaders; they will be trained in all manner of sports which they could deliver to the children in the forth-coming year. Alongside this, some children were identified to have Gifted and Talented potential and they will go through a series of sporting events this year to hopefully realise their potential.


Summer term round up.

The summer finished on a high- regarding sports.  The children entered a myriad of events and it was really exciting to see them put themselves into challenging positions.  The school took part in skipping events, a full day's cricket, a dodgeball tournament, an inter school athletics meeting as well as swimming and tennis competitions.  

We competed well and progressed onto the area finals on a number of events.  With the athletics, we cleaned up and pretty much won every event for every age group... With the dodgeball, one of our teams came first- it was the first ever dodgeball tournament too! 

Sports day at Birstwith was a huge success too. All the teams competed very healthily and it was well attended by a large number of parents even though it had been rescheduled due to the weather. 

Lets hope that the following year will bring even more triumphs for the school and individuals.

Class 4 Netball tournament

Class 4 Tag rugby tournament

Class 4 Hockey tournament

Tennis at Birstwith

Sports Leaders

Some of the children that showed a talented position for sport were selected to become sports leaders.  They have enrolled on a series of courses that will run throughout the year that will train them to coach and plan different sporting games for others to take part in. 

To get them used to working with younger children and delivering quality sport packages, they have been trying their skills out with Class 2 children in the afternoons as well as all the KS1 children at break-times. The leaders have been using equipment that has been donated either through the Change4life program or the Sainsbury's Active Scheme. For more tips and advice on healthy options, follow the link. http://www.nhs.uk/change4life/Pages/change-for-life.aspx

The younger children have been thoroughly engaged and the leaders are very motivated with their achievments. Watch this space for further developments... 

Sports Hall Athletics Regional finals 2016


On the 9th of November, Birstwith attended the region finals at St John Fishers (3.00-5.30).

We were one of 6 different schools that had got through to the semi-finals. They were: us, Pannel, St Johns, St Mary, Bishop Monkton and Richards Taylors. The first race/event was the obstacle race and that went pretty well.

After that, the field events began which were the standing long jump, the standing triple jump, the vertical jump, the chest push, the speed bounce and javelin.

BEST RESULTS FOR US: Samuel got 2.08m in the standing long jump, Sean got 6.70m in the standing triple jump and 5 running wins!!! Kiera was awarded the band for Teamwork.



By Samuel & Sean

Sports Hall Athletics Autumn 2016


By Rhys, Sam and Samuel
On the 13th of October 2016 class 4 entered the Year 5 and 6 Athletics Tournament. We arrived at Nidderdale High School first out of 5 schools which were: St Cuthberts, Glasshouses, Burnt Yates, Dacre Braithwaite and us (Birstwith).

As we waited for the other schools to arrive we talked about what events we were doing. The first race was the obstacle race which we won!

After that, we started field events. Whilst the field events were going on, the 1x1 relay was in progess. We won that as well! Then we started the 6 lap paarluaf which lasted about 10 minutes.

Then we did the under over relay race and we won and following that, the normal relay races.
At the end they anounced who won the bands, Isaac won passion and Samuel won teamwork.

1ST US!!!!!


Tolly Richardson Interschool Gala Autumn 2016

A broad range of children took part in the annual Tolly Richardson swimming gala in September. The school  came sixth overall which is a tremendous achievement and one place better than last year! AT this rate we should win it in 2022... Watch this space! Well done everyone for taking part and representing the school so well. 

Year 5/6 World Cup TAG Rugby Festival - Autumn 2015

On Friday the 23rd October, Class 4 went to an awesome and challenging tag rugby tournament. From everybody’s faces on the photos below, it seemed as though we all loved the experience. In future years, we hope other people will enjoy it as much as we did (apart from the wet feet). In the end we were delighted to discover that we won the Haka competition!


Year 5/6 Sports Hall Athletics Tournament - Autumn 2015

On Thursday 15th October a daring group of our school’s and Bishop Thornton’s best athletes competed in the year 5/6 athletics tournament. When we got to Nidderdale High School, we met up with Mrs. Underwood, went into the sports hall and got into our arranged spot for our school. Once all the other schools had arrived, we got started. Participants took part track events (which included over and under relay, 4 by 1 relay, 2 by 1 relay and 1 by 1 relay), while the other team members did field events (which included chest push, vertical jump, triple jump, speed bounce and long jump]. At the end, all of the schools did javelin.

Then the results were in. When we weren’t called as being 6th, 5th or 4th we were really nervous and excited, when they called 3rd out and it wasn’t us! We knew we were into the final. “and second iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiss Dacre Braithwaite!”. We couldn’t wait. “In first place is  Birstwith.” We were so delighted. Rohan and Kiera went up to receive the certificates. WE WON!

By Joshua and Holly.

Tolly Richardson Inter-Schools Swimming Gala - Autumn 2015

On the 1st of October 2015, class 3 and 4 went to the Harrogate swimming gala at the hydro. Over all we came 7th out of 17 (quite impressive)! Everyone who went had fun and did a lot of swimming (and dancing). We won most of our races but were very tired afterwards (well most of us)! But everyone agrees that we had a lot of fun and thoroughly enjoyed every moment.

By Naomi and Honey.

School Sports

We were delighted to be awarded the Bronze School Games kite mark in 2013 and the Gold School Games kite mark in July 2014.


Introducing our new Sports Crew, and our new school kit!

Birstwith School now has a Sports Crew, made up of invited members from years 5 and 6.  They will be helping the staff to promote and encourage school sports.  They have taken on their role with great enthusiasm, and have already organised a session with the whole school, promoting the benefits of participation in sport. 

The four members of our Sports Crew are delighted to model our newly-acquired sports kit, which teams will wear to all future tournaments.  We are very grateful for the anonymous donation made recently, which has allowed us to buy this wonderful kit.  We will really look the part at future events!


Sports Ambassador’s Conference May 2014

Birstwith School was represented recently by four children from years 4 and 5. They had an enjoyable morning at Nidderdale High School, learning about how to encourage participation in sport by the other children in the school. Here are some photos showing some of the activities they took part in.


Sport Relief

To raise money for Sport Relief 2014 the children completed a 'Mad Marathon'. For photographs and a report of the event please look on the 'Whole School Activities' page .

Event Reports 2014

For many of the sporting events that we attend, the children write a report which is read out in our Friday Merit Assembly and then posted here on our website. We also now post our sports achievements online through our new school Twitter Account.

Mixed Year 3 and 4 Football tournament

 On Thursday 12th June, we went to Nidderdale High School to compete in the mixed ¾ Football Competition.  First we played Glasshouses and we beat them 2 – 1.  Then we played Dacre Braithwaite and we beat them 3 – 0.  After that we played St Cuthberts , and they beat us 1 – 0.  For our final game we played Fountains Earth.  We beat them 2 – 0.  We went in to a circle to see who would play in the semi-finals,  and we were pleased that we got in to the semi-finals.  We  played against Ripley and beat them 1 -0, with Rohan getting a last minute goal.  Our team was Thomas, Matthew, Ben, Clara, Luke, Alex, Joel and Rohan.  We want to thank Mrs Plant and Mrs Broad for coaching us, and all the parents for taking us.


Kwik Cricket

Very well done to our Birstwith Green team, who (for the second year running) won the Nidderdale Kwik Cricket trophy.  They will now go on to represent Nidderdale in the Harrogate Competition.  Here is a report written by Team Captain, Joshua, and team member, Niall:

 “On Thursday 12th June, we took two teams to Pateley Bridge Cricket Club ground to take part in the Kwik Cricket tournament.  We were put into pools; we had Kettlesing, St Cuthberts 1 and Burnt Yates in our pool.

 Our first match was against St Cuthberts and we won by 80 runs.  After a long wait, our second match was against Burnt Yates, and again we won – in fact by 89 runs.

 In our last group match, we were against Kettlesing.  We beat them by 86 runs and we were through to the semi-finals. 

 We were drawn to play against Glasshouses; we won by more than we thought; 83 runs was the margin.  The final was upon us – it was against Summerbridge.  They were a good team, but we still managed 43 runs more than them.  We were crowned champions for the second year running.  It was out of 15 teams, and the top four were: Glasshouses in 4th, St Cuthberts in 3rd, Summerbridge in 2nd, and the champions were us.  We would like to thank everyone who supported us, and Mr Fish for coaching us.”


Our Blue Kwick Cricket team had a lovely day out at the Nidderdale Kwick Cricket tournament last Thursday.  Here is a match report by Thomas and Ash…….

“ Yesterday class 4 went to a Kwick Cricket Tournament – we had lots of fun.  Unfortunately, here’s the bad news….. blue team lost every single game!  We faced Summerbridge 2, St Cuthberts 2, and Darley 2.  We tried very hard to beat teams, but our green team won the trophy, and a medal….. and another trophy.

It was a lovely sunny day and it was a brilliant day out.  For some people it’s never try, never fail.  But it’s not about the winning…….it’s about the taking part!”


Nidderdale Rounders Tournament 2014

A report written by Marcus and Joseph

On Tuesday 10th June 2014, we took part in a rounders tournament at Nidderdale High School. 

Our first game was against Darley.  We weren’t quite sure about the scoring system, but we think we did well.  Our second game was against Summerbridge.  We played well, but unfortunately it started pouring with rain, so we had to go inside and continue the game.  First we had to wait because there wasn’t enough space in the sports hall.  Then our last game was a short match because we ran out of time.  We came second in our pool, and all had a good time.


Congratulations to our Year 4 team who won the recent handball tournament at Nidderdale High School.  Here are some great action shots from Mrs Plant!  A report on this tournament will follow soon.


Tag Rugby Tournament Report Written by Fraser and Niall

On Thursday 15th May Birstwith sent a team of 8 Tag Rugby players to Nidderdale to take part in the Tag Rugby competition.  

 Our first match was against Ripley, we beat them, 6-2.  Next we played Lofthouse. Again we won, 5-3.

We had a break for a match and then came Glasshouses, we played well, and we won, 3-1

Before we knew it we were playing again, this time against Darley. It was a close game but we won 2-1.

Then came Summerbridge, they we a good team, despite this, 4-3, to us, was the score, the trophy was in our sights.

Our final match was against St Cuthberts, it finished 4-3 to St Cuthberts.

 The results were out, in 7th it was Ripley, 6th St Cuthberts 5th, Lofthouse, 4th glasshouses, 3rd summerridge,2nd darley, and we won the tournament, for the 3rd time in 4 years.

We would like to say thank you to Mrs Vandepeear and Mrs Plant for supporting the team, Darley School for help with transport. Also all the parents who cheered us on.



On Monday 28th April 10 children went to Harrogate golf club for a Tri-golf tournament. There were 5 other schools taking part. There were 8 different games to complete these included chipping and putting at targets.

We all had a great time even though it was difficult. We came 5th and we would like to attend again.


Tri-golf Tournament

Tuesday 1st April 2014.

 Well done to all the children who participated.  We were very proud to have won this competition, and our team will be representing Nidderdale at the Harrogate finals, which will take place later in April.  Thanks to Mrs Plant for managing the team, and to Parents who helped with the travelling arrangements.


Congratulations to our Hi 5 Netball Team who won the local Nidderdale Tournament.  


Report on the Quick Sticks Hockey Tournament by Michael and Clara

“At Nidderdale we played a hockey tournament.  Our first match was against Dacre Braithwaite School.  Michael scored one and Ellie scored two goals, and Niall and Harry scored one goal each.  We won the game 5-0.

Our second match was against Glasshouses and sadly we lost. Michael scored two and Ellie scored one.  It ended up 6-3 to Glasshouses.

Our final match was glorious. We won 6-0. Michael scored 3- two were deflected off their players. It was great and Niall scored 3. We won against St Cuthberts.

The results were in! Dacre Braithwaite were 4th, St Cuthberts were 3rd and we were 2nd and Glasshouses were 1st.

We would like to thank parents for taking us and Mrs Vandepeear for cheering us on”.

Our Birstwith School Hockey Team went on to represent Nidderdale at the Harrogate SSP final at Rossett Sports Centre.  They played very well and were unlucky with many of their matches.  We were very proud of their enthusiasm and perseverance.


The Gymnastics Tournament – a report by Ellie and Summer

On Monday 24th February a team from Birstwith School entered the Nidderdale Gymnastics tournament at Nidderdale High School. 

When we arrived we saw one other school.  Then, after a while two more turned up.  Next we all had to perform a routine we’d practiced, while the judges marked them.  After that we went on to do the vault, which we were all quite good at.  However, Sam landed face first on the mat twice!  He won a special award for enthusiasm.

Later in the competition, we had to do our body management, which was fun.  The best bit was the vault, although it was altogether great fun.

At the end of the competition we found out the results – we came third overall.

We would like to thank Mrs Underwood, Mrs Plant and Mrs Dalby for helping us and transporting us to and from the High School.


Sports Hall Athletics tournament - Thursday 30th January.

Seventeen children from Birstwith Primary School attended this event, which took place at Nidderdale High School. 

All members of the team tried their best, and we witnessed some very good performances.  We await the results, which will be forwarded to us later.


Year 5/6 Swimming Gala

23rd January 2014 at Harrogate High School

Seven of our best swimmers competed in a swimming gala.  

Two of our swimmers achieved first place in their races, and all participated with great enthusiasm.  Our Birstwith School swimming team came third out of our gala, with a total of 29 points.  Well done to everyone who took part.

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