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Forest School @ Birstwith

The 2018 summer term will end with Year 2 experiencing Forest School. For some it is their second opportunity to enjoy the woodland. Hopefully they will bring their experiences and build on them ...

Well we have come to the end of Forest School @ Birstwith for this year... It's been amazing- thank you to all of you for your engagement and enthusiasm! We ended the session with some extremely successful fire lighting by the Year 2's. Well done all of you for keeping your fires going. long enough to cook corn on the cob and marshmallows on! Please look at the slide show further down the page to see their success... At the end of the session, the parents joined us in the woods and shared in the woodland wonderland. Thank you to all the parents for joining in. Also A MASSIVE thank you to Mrs Walker for all her time and support that she has given over the year; not to mention the bananas, sweetcorn, watermelons, chocolate buttons and other edible goods!! Enjoy the summer everyone!

The Year 2's have had a great time so far... They have loved the sensory experience- blindfolding themselves and navigating their way through the woods. Today we created a barefoot walk. The children laid out different woodland textures and removed their shoes and socks... I led them through the different surfaces which changed from moss to leaves to tree trunks to mud then onto crunchy dry leaves, dried twigs and branches to finish on ferns. Thanks to Mrs Walker for her wonderful foot washing spa to finish!! Well done everyone :)


Well it has taken until the summer term for spring to be evident...but it is here! This term, year 3 are exploring the woodland and savouring all that the environment has to give. Some of the children are experiencing their second Forest School adventure as they were some of the first to sample it last year. Enjoy their adventures through their photo story.


Feel free to speak to myself- Mr Roy about Forest School.  You are welcome to join us on a session too! If any of you would like to volunteer some time, come and see me too :) 

What is Forest School?

You may have heard about it, or even had the pleasure of experiencing one; Forest School is a long-term educational process that supports holistic development of children through a mix of child-initiated play, exploration and learning.

Through careful observation and positive encouragement, Forest School builds on the skills shown by the children.

Activities are either led by the child or matched to the preferred learning styles of the child which allows for success., using the environment to support, nurture and motivate learning; whilst allowing the child to explore, inquire and develop physically, intellectually and emotionally.  Forest School also provides curriculum based learning in an outdoor setting and is truly a classroom without walls. The programme provides an arena where children can feel comfortable and are able to flourish, enhancing their sense of well-being, increasing their self-confidence and self-awareness.

The spring term has started but it is still winter. The natural world is slowly waking up but Forest School is in full swing!! This term, we are working with Year 6 and they are bringing a whole new element to their Forest School journey...The physics behind a successful zip-wire!

What will happen?

Every day is different and the Forest School will take part in all weather conditions except electrical storms and strong winds.  Depending on what the childen will show an interest in, the sessions will be tailored to fit and suit- encouraging the growth and development in motor skills, social skills and risk awareness.  

At Forest School, the children will be able to use tools to create a variety of items and they will also be introduced to fire lighting- respecting it and how to use it effectively.  

What do I need?

All equipment will be provided.  It is really important that everyone is dressed appropriatley.  The weather can change quickly and it is bst to be protected and prepared than to have to cut a session short because one person has got too cold because they are wearing too little.  So please provide strong old clothing with your child which they can put on and take off themselves.  Also, please make sure their names are clearly marked in everything! 


Who can do it?

Everyone is welcome.  I will be starting the sessions in the autumn term with year 4.  They will have 6 weeks of Forest School which will start at 2:30 and finish at 5:00 each Tuesday.  After that, year's 5 then 6 will follow and in the spring/summer we will look at the younger children in the school. 

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