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Birstwith School Silver Award

The school has recently had its Eco Award upgraded to Silver.  This is thanks to the hard working Eco-team and everything they have encouraged the school and the children to be a part of.  Congratulations everyone and here's to even more environmentally aware years to come!! 

Healthy Heart Walk

Eco Club started by performing an assembly on how to keep your heart healthy. The children had some great questions which Eco club were able to give answers to. Then the idea started to unfold and be created.

A letter was produced and handed out to inform everyone about the life- saving products that we will be purchasing with your generous donations (we are very grateful).

The school walked happily through the forest, whilst experiencing the great outdoors and wildlife around them. The children were having a lovely time, in exchange for a life saver.  

FURTHER DONATIONS WILL BE APPRECIATED AT OUR SCHOOL PRODUCTION (Wednesday the 17th and Thursday the 18th of July)     So far, we have raised a massive £417!!!!

Great Britain Tidy @ Birstwith

In conjunction with the Great Britain Tidy Campaign, the Birstwith in Bloom organisation and also to show our community pride, the class went out and tidied up around the surrounding areas near the school.  Dressed in hi-viz, gloves and armed with litter pickers and rubbish sacks, the children swept through the village, clearing up other people's waste and keeping it from litering our beautiful environment.   It was amazing to see how enthusiastic the children were to do something for the environment and how much they were shocked by what they found!  Thank you to all the children and to Maureen Smith for organising the bags and litter grabbers. 

Birstwith Horticultural Society and the Woodland Trust.

The school had thirty small trees donated to them by the Woodland Trust.  SOme of the children alongside Mrs Smith from the BHS spent an afternoon after school to plant them whilst they were adding some extra bulbs to the perimeter fence as the squirrels seemed to have had a good feast on the previous ones! Look out for the range of new hedgerow trees developing along the fence line over the coming years! 

Birstwith Eco Bake Sale

The Eco council put together a fabulous bake sale in order to raise funds to buy stainless steel straws for the daily milk the children buy.  The children put togather a whole assembly to educate the school about the problem with plastic straws and how they had decided to make a difference. The bake sale raised a whopping £135 which is enough to buy a metal straw for every child in the school!! 

There were some abxolutely scrummy homemade donations that were sold very quickly alongside proffessional donations from the Vanora bakery that kindly donated two tray bakes to support our cause.  If you would like to try some of Vanora's wonderful produce, it can be found at the local Dale Stores!!


Autumn term 2017 and it's time to re-evaluate the eco position of the school.  Martha is heading the team this year and she set a challenge forthose that would be interested in joining the group.  

The Council will be introducing themselves soon with Eco news and eco tasks fro the whole school to take part in. 

Fairtrade 2017

In March, the Eco-Council launched Fairtrade awareness.  They kicked it off with a whole school assembly explaining what was meant by 'Fairtrade@. Then they set up a competition between the classes to see who could collect the most amount of fairtrade symbols off the products that they bought over two weeks.  The winners will be announced soon and the class will win some Fairtrade chocolates to share! 

Eco Council 2017

So far this year, the Eco-Council have been very busy.  They have been investigating all sorts of ways to engage the rest of the school in environmental matters and they have taken some elements into their own hands to educate and involve the children of Birstwith.  The Eco- Council set about announcing a waste week competition which is a nationwide competition to see who can create someting out of recycled or 'upcycled' garden tools/equipment.  The competition will close in March and we look forward to seeing what some of the children come up with. 

Alongside all of this, the team have been storing used milk cartons - washing them out and drying them- so they could do some peer teaching with Class 1.  Not only were they using the milk cartons for planters but they recycled the kitchen's tin cans and turned them into personalised pencil tidies that the children decorated with huge enthusiasm.  Well done to the Eco team who have really put in a huge effort and a lot of their own time to make recycling more prominent in the school!!

Eco Council 2016

In the Autumn of 2016 Mr Roy set a competition for the children to join the Eco-Council. From this 4 children were selected to represent the school and their environmental needs. Over the forth-coming year, we will be working with parents, outside businesses and the children of Birstwith to improve the environmental impact of the school and the environmental awareness of the people in the school.  We will also be looking to improve the look and the outddor environment that the school sits upon.   If there are any parents that have any skills, funds or free time feel free to contact Mr Roy and we will make the most of you!   Thank you - The Eco Council

School ground improvements...

This term, not only have the Eco-Council been promoting the 'Switch-off' campaign and looking at ways to recycle the milk cartons, but they have also been working on improving the look of the outdoors.  The children have been busy planting up tubs and troughs as well as some of the fence line with spring bulbs.  Hopefully, as the spring kicks in, the school will be surrounded by colour and scent. The Eco-Council have been in conversation with the Birstwith Horticultoral Society (BHS) too.  http://www.birstwithshow.com/about-the-show/ Hopefully we will be able to collaborate with the BHS team to improve the local and communal areas.

Recycling project.

Following on from a successful trial of recycling the class milk cartons to produce Christmas cards and present labels, the Eco-Council took their idea further and spent an afternoon peer-teaching.  The whole of Class 4 -under the guidance of the Eco Council- worked brilliantly to produce some very original and eye-catching cards!  

The Team

The 2016 team consists of Isaac, Sam, Amy and Martha.  Mrs Elias - the class 4 governor has agreed to be a voice for the Eco-Council.  This will really help the profile of the Eco-Council. Thank you! 



The children will soon be taking part in an environmental audit. Watch this space to see what they find out and what changes they will have in store...



Recycling ideas

The Eco Council are busy investigating other uses for the once used milk cartons that teh school children use.  Watch this space to see further developments.


In November, the Eco Council will take part in an eco-challenge at the RHS Harlow Carr.  Photos and info will follow...


The Eco Council are looking at a range of ways for the school to improve.  If you have any ideas feel free to speak to anyone in the Eco Team or even come along to one of our meetings - They are every Monday after lunch (12:30) in Class 4. 

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