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Class 4 - Spring 2023


Termly Curriculum overviews

World Book Day 2023...Guess the characters!


In Literacy, the children have been working on persuasive texts.  We used 'The Apprentice' to base our writing on.  The children had to design a new dog food, market it, create a pitch and deliver it to see if they would be 'hired', or 'fired'  I am pleased to say the children did a much better job than any of the candidates on the actual show and we hope to see some of the new dog food on shelves soon! 

Welcome Back!!

Well, 2023! who would have thought!! Time flies and the children grow up.  Here we are at the start of a new year and the start of our preparation for the children to be ready to end their primary education and start on their secondary school journey. 

This term, we will be covering all sorts of topics and expanding our learning.  We will also take in a few trips, venture to parts of the county or even the country we have not been before and discover things we did not even know we were interested in.  

Mrs Paxton will be on the journey, ensuring we are singing in tune and putting our best foot forward as we take on the final challenges of this chapter and prepare our minds and bodies for the  next chapter in our successful lives.  Keep checking back here to see what we have been up to yes

Mr Roy 

Termly Homework projects

Fantastic cooking journey over the past few weeks, octopus salad, humus, steak, salmon with ginger and soy sauce.... The list goes on. Fantastic to see the children experiment and enjoy some super cuisine....Looking forward to the desert day!!


To finish off the Earth and Space topic, we went out around Birstwith to do an orienteering course to discover more about the planets and finish with a picnic on Neptune.   The children were amazing at finding everything and lots of fun was had travelling across the galaxy!  

A glimpse of things we have done...

This term has been very busy, lots of different activities and a whole heap of learning.  The children are making good progress as they prepare for their SATs and are also finding time in the timetable to learn other aspects that have equal importance- PSHCE, computer programming, science and art. 

It has been really interesting to observe the children immerse themselves in their creative fields; it seems the virtual world is far more familiar to them than the real one but I was immensely impressed with their ability to produce entertaining podcasts and layered music productions.  

The books we have been studying have been written by Polly Ho-Yen and aspects of the stories reminded us of the 'Lockdown'!  In History, the children have extended their WW11 knowledge and we have ended with Anne Frank- which we may pick up again in the next term.  We had the priveledge of wearing authentic WW11 clothing, thanks to Mrs Holland and we have had the chance to play some excellent sport- football and tag rugby.  Thanks to HRC as they have come in to share some tag rugby skills with us! Looking forward to the tournamentlaugh

Have a listen to some of the tunes made bu the class...

Clay models

Inspired by the text - Rick Riordan's, Percy Jackson,  the children created their Greek gods or symbols to assist them in their story writing.  The clay modelling not only helped demonstrate how creative they are but also helped them wiht their descriptive writing regarding Greek mythology. 

Keeping fit

ONe thing we noticed during the summer holidays was the fact that we had got a little bit lazy in our physical activity... This term, we have been working on it, learing how to run faster, how to skip, how to use our body weight to train us to become stronger and to increase our aerobic fitness.  culminating in a bleep test, the children celebrated huge increases in their physical ability and overall fitness! Well done!! 

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