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Class 4 - Year 5 and 6 with Mr Roy (teacher) with Mrs Paxton (teaching assistant).

Summer Term 2019

This term, we will be immersing ourselves in the local area.  Investigating things past, present and future for the village.  We will be using the local tennis courts for tennis coaching and creating maps of the locality.  Using our mathematical skills to plot and plan as well as our literacy ability to inform,persuade and compile a range of information concerning Birstwith.  Alongside this, the class will be sharpening their debating skills in the RSE forum- where hot topics will split the class for them to piece together educated responses to the opposition.  ICT will be used to produce animations and showcase the children's scientific learning which will be about animals and habitats.  PE could now be on a Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday  due to the availability of sporting professionals that will be coaching the class at different points during the term. Please make sure your child has their full PE kit in school at all times to help with the flexibility of the classes.   Please ensure all items are clearly marked with their name.  

If you would like to speak to me regarding your child, please make an appointment via the office for either Wednesday or Thursday after school or catch me in the playground for a quick heads up. 

Looking forward to the summer! 

Mr Roy


Tennis at Birstwith Tennis Club with Jonathan Sadler

Spring Term 2019

Class 4 - Year 5 and 6 with Mr Roy (teacher) with Mrs Paxton (teaching assistant).

This term, we will be preparing the Year 6's for their SATs which will be in May.  To support this, we will be doing a range of cross-curricular learning to enable and engage the children in their writing progress.  Our topics this term will be Earth and Space as well as the continent of North America.  We will also be looking at careers and life choices in PSHCE.  We will visit the James Herriot museum to sample life of a vet/author local to us.  In maths, further work on number confidence will be undertaken.  The children should be in a place where their times tables knowledge is secure and they can apply all their mental calculation strengths in answering more complex number questions.  

We will be taking part in a range of competitions that mainly revolve around sport but will also include writing and maths. Mr Whitford will be supporting our PE sessions through the well established Sporting Influence company and Mrs Turvey will be helping the Year 6 children consolidate their reading and inferential skills. 

PE will now be on a Tuesday and a Thursday but please make sure your children have the full PE kit in school at all times to help with the flexibility of the classes.   Please ensure all items are clearly marked and named.  

Parents evening and a Year 6 SATS evening for parents will occur this term, dates will be released via text or The Link. 

If you would like to speak to me regarding your child, please make an appointment via the office for either Wednesday or Thursday after school or catch me in the playground for a quick heads up. 

Looking forward to the Spring! 

Mr Roy


Volcanoes of North America... The class have progressed with their science learning about Earth and Space; their topic learning about North America and they are now focussing their attention on the geological structures of volcanoes, especially those that can be found in the North American continent.  Each child had a different volcano to research and they are in the midst of presenting their findings to the class.  The children then have an opportunity to critique the presentation and give constructive criticism to help the child make adjustments for future presentations. 

MATHS COMPETITION A select group visited HGS to take part in the annual Maths competition.  Out of 14 schools, the children came second which is a tremendous achievement! Well done to all of the competitors you should be super proud!!

World Book Day 2019.  Once again, we celebrated the day in style.  The children put a massive effort in and came up trumps- demonstrating their love for reading and dressing up! Well done all of you! 

James Herriot visit

The whole class visited the James Herriot museum.  The only vet's museum in the country.  It's in Thirsk.  The children had a super time exploring WWII memorabilia, learning how to use film equipment- using the set of 'All creatures great and small'. They also immersed themselves in the life of James Herriot/ Jim Wight which opened their eyes to the life of a vet, life in the 1940's, life as an author and how things have developed in the last 80 years. 

Autumn Term 2018

Class 4 - Year 5 and 6 with Mr Roy (teacher) with Mrs Paxton (teaching assistant).

Welcome to Class 4 if you are new, and welcome back to class 4 if you're not! This term is full of a range of interesting events to keep the mind engaged and entertained.  Soon, we will be going on our residential - Robinwood- 26th September.  Make sure all your payments and paperwork are in soon! 

Also this term, we will be learning about the Vikings... if any of you have any tales or paraphenalia to share with the class, please do.  Most of our Literacy, art and possible some science and maths will have Viking links to enable us to learn as much as possible about the Viking lifestyle.  

PE will mostly be on Tuesdays and Fridays, but please make sure you have your PE kit in school everyday as the PE sessions may change due to weather or other commitments.  We also have a number of sporting competitions to attend this term so look out for the information letter and get it returned asap...

We will also be going on a couple of off site trips to enhance our Viking understanding.  Details will be given out soon. 

Please ensure all clothing and water bottles are labelled clearly with your child's name- either in indelible ink or a sewn on name tag. 

I will endeavour to keep this page posted with pictures and tales of the class as they progress through the year- pop back again soon for further information...

Mr Roy  


Maisie and Ruby put together a very comprehensive yoga session for the class. It was extremely well organised and it introduced the children to the history of Yoga as well as the practical elements of taking the form of many different natural forms found in our environment. The children showed a natural competence with the art form and demonstrated great enthusiasm and calmness whilst taking part in it. Once the class had had a brief introduction to the different forms and the 'Sun Salutation' pattern, they were put into groups to design their own Yoga patterns. Following this, the class all took part in a meditative session and then they made human mandalas, then ended the morning with some mindfulness mandala art. Please enjoy the pictures that capture some of their success...

Matilda mashup @ Ashville College

The class visited Ashville College and took part in a fabulous bespoke workshop and followed it up with a matinee performance by the Ashville dramatists as they performed their combination of 'The Greatest Showman' and 'Matilda'. We had an absolutely fantastic time, the children learnt how to over emphasis characters characteristics as well as how to use their body to express themselves without making noise. They worked in groups and individually to make representations of given items or scenes and then use this technique to take on some of the strong personalities in Matilda. It was lovely to see all the children fully immerse themselves in the tasks given. Their interpretive ability was commended by Louise Woodward who is the Director and Production Manager at Ashville. The children also got to meet some Y11 actors and take tips off them. To top it all off the actual performance we watched was magnificent- the organisation, set, singing, music and acting were so professionally put together. Thank-you to all at Ashville College that made this such and enjoyable and valuable experience.

Viking maths....

Following on with our Viking topic, the children immersed themselves in logic problems and worded problems that had a Viking influence. The children were put into mixed aged and ability groups and they had to work together, applying their extensive range of mathematical knowledge to solve the problems given to them within a time frame. The children were so enthusiastic about the different areas of maths they covered and it was brilliant to see them sharing their understanding so that their whole team understood the rationale behind the solution.

Viking Jorvik Visit

We all went to York and learnt loads about the life of the Vikings when they settled in York. It was wonderful to see and hear the children be so engaged and involved with the workshops and their answers to questions and Viking knowledge was praised by the people that showed us around. Please enjoy the photos that capture some of the moments that we had... oh and the humongous sycamore leaf!

Historical Harvest

Mr Eustace produced an amazing Harvest production for our class. He spent a lot of time digging up local history and put together a very comprehensive performance for Class 3 and 2. The children loved dressing up in Victorian clothing and re-enacting gleaning and harvesting which occurred during the summer school holidays. Some would love to live back in those days...especially with bread dripping, cold tea and the strict teacher and the threat of the cane!

Robinwood Residential

Class 4 - We have landed at Robinwood and the children are having a fabulous time...

Check out some of our fantastic experiences! 


This term, we have been visited by a STEM ambassador- this is a volunteer that has a background in science and they have given up their time to share their expertise with the children.

The children took worked in small groups to experience all different areas of physical science.  They brought their own knowledge and learnt a lot from the fabulous Mr Purvis who came laden with all sorts of devices to demonstrate forces, currents and light. 

Outdoor Ephemeral Art

The children-inspired by Andy Goldsworthy, ventured outside and created some absolutely wonderful pieces of art.

They worked either individually or in pairs to produce vibrant pieces demonstrating the beauty of nature and the array of colours that are already in evidence as autumn starts to reveal itself.

Class 4 knitting with the local community

The children have started to learn how to knit...Thanks to the lovely ladies from our local community.

This is an opportunity for our children to have a bit of time with some familiar faces to Birstwith school.  It allows the children to learn a fantastic and useful life skill as well as develop their patience, creativity and fine motor skills.  The big plan is to create knitted poppies to commemorate the centenary of the end of the 1st World War. Lets see how it goes! 

Summer Term 2018

Class 4 - Year 5 and 6 with Mr Roy (teacher) with Mrs Paxton & Mrs Holland (teaching assistants).

This term, we are looking forward to lots of sunshine and the option to do some outdoor learning.  Watch this space for fun-filled, sun-filled pictures of our learning journey...

The Year 6 children will be getting prepped for their end of KS2 tests which begin on the 14th May - wish them well.  Year 5 will be getting themselves ready to step into the Year 6 shoes.   

Please have a look at what we are learning this term - Click here to see the Curriculum Chronicle

Spring Term 2018

Class 4 - Year 5 and 6 with Mr Roy (teacher) with Mrs Paxton & Mrs Holland (teaching assistants).

Forest School has started for Year 6 and they are getting their first taste of the wonderful woods we have the use of.  All sorts of ideas have been discussed - so watch this space and visit the Forest School pages to see what happens! 

Please have a look at what we are learning this term - Click here to see our Curriculum Chronicle

This term, we have been looking at debates and how to manage a team within one.  The children debated a variety of topics and from their merits, a selection of the children were entered into a formal debating competition.  This was held at the Council Chambers and the Birstwith team won!! We will go on to the County Finals later in the year... lets see what happens! Well done everyone - Fantastic result!!

Class 4 - Year 5 and 6 with Mr Roy (teacher) with Mrs Paxton & Mrs Holland (teaching assistants).

AutumnTerm 2017

Curriculum Chronicle -

Forest School

Year 5 have started their Forest School experience to see them up to Christmas.  They have taken to it well and I look forward to sharing more of their adventures on the Forest School pages.  Take a look! 


The children have been hard at work over half term researching China.  They produced some excellent presentations- some models and some powerpoints. An excellent array of work which was a pleasure to listen to. 


In PE, we have had the pleasure of Sporting Influence for the start of the term where we worked on our football skills. We also paid a lot of attention to our social skills when it comes to sports and we were given stickers and commendations for our excellent work. 

We were also really lucky to be given a 'jianzi' each by Lola's very generous dad!  They are a Chinese style shuttle-cock and they have helped link PE with out Chinese topic this term.

Peer Teaching...

This term, the children have been sharing their sklls and knowledge with the class. We have had: PE -rounders, benchball and the bleep test; Science- how to make slime; Art- how to draw faces; and, DT - how to sew to make a fidgit blanket. The children have been amazing and I am sure we will see much more in the future. 

Class 4 - Year 5 and 6 with Mr Roy (teacher), Mrs Holland, Mrs Plant and Mrs Johnson (teaching assistants) and Mrs Elias (class governor)

Summer Term 2017

Curriculum Chronicle - click here to see what we are learning this term

Mr Roy has some suggestions for children in Year 6 and their parents as we approach the SATs tests. Please read his presentation...

Year 6 Presentation

Class 4 took part in the 'Open the book' assembly. It was the story of the fall of Saul and Samuel's search for a new king - King David. Welcome back to Birtswith 'Open the Book' and we look forward to further entertaining assemblies with you!

Class 4 are investigating 'Light' in science this term. They have looked at how it travels and made periscopes to enable light to be redirected. They have also been experimenting with light and shadow and they are in the middle of producing a shadow play in connection with their topic this term which is North America.


More Vikings!!!! The children successfully created some fabulous Viking Longhouses which are on display at the bottom of Class 4 stairs. The children also spent a morning working in groups solving some very testing Viking based mathematical problems... They all worked brilliantly, sharing ideas, listening and applying their knowledge to quite abstract situations.

Hrothgar the Viking visited Birstwith school and took Class 4 on a historical journey... Enjoy the photos and ask the children about their experience. You can see more about Hrothgar and Viking times on his website - www.manaraefan.co.uk

Science- structure investigation

Science- structure investigation

Following on from the art investigation into different architects, the children investigated different forms to work out which structures could support the most weight. 

Viking Runes

The class spent some time working with clay and creating their own rune stone that matched their initials. 

Class 4's Science investigation

During October, the class has been investigating separating, filtering and reducing in science.  They have spent time dissolving different substances and making a range of solutions to try and separate again. 

Class 4's Puzzle Day

In October, the Year 6's went to Belmont Grosvenor School and worked alongside other children from Kettlesing and BGS.  The idea of the day was to work together to solve 3D physical problems that needed team discussion, patience and trial and error techniques to enable the teams to be successful.  All the children had a fantastic day and it was very impressive to see how well the year group worked with children from other schools.  

Class 4's Residential trip to Robin Wood

In September, Class 4 went to Robinwood.  They spent 3 days and 2 nights challenging themselves in all sorts of activities.  From the trapeze to the piranha pool and weaseling through rocks to alien conspiracy investigations; everybody had a fabulous time and I hope the photos will capture some of the fantastic memories I am sure the children have shared with you!

Class 4's Art sculptures

During the first half of the autumn term, the class have been researching different architects like: Zaha Hadid, I.M. Pei, Le Corbusier, Moshe Safdie, Rem Koolhaas Renzo Piano and Lord Norman Foster.  The children produced informative powerpoint presentations to demonstrate their learning then used paper and card to create 3D shapes and designs that put their learning into practice.  

Autumn 2016

Topic Work

As part of our topic work this term, we are describing and understanding key facts about volcanoes. Using our very own models, we were able to identify the different layers of the Earth and explain to others how volcanoes are formed.

Class 4 had an amazing time at the World Cup TAG Rugby Festival this Autumn at Harrogate Rugby Club. We represented the country, Georgia, creating our very own Haka which we performed in the opening ceremony.

This term, we are learning all about the structure of the heart and lungs, and how double circulation runs through our bodies. In the session below, we worked hard to understand more about the lungs by creating 3D models and measuring our own lung capacity.

We are learning all about fractions in numeracy, as well as working really hard to achieve our individual targets in our class superhero challenge. Keep up the good work superheroes!

Years 4/5/6 went to the Mercer Museum and Royal Pump Room for an AMAZING ANCIENT GREEKS workshop. During the trip we followed an ancient trail to discover facts and information also we held artefacts which were 2500 years old!

Finally we read the myth of Herakules and his 12 tasks and performed drama in groups.

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