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Class 3 - Year 4

Spring Term 2019

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We dressed up for World Book Day and enjoyed discussing our books and celebrating how much Class 3 loves reading!

This term we have been learning about the Romans. We visited the Roman galleries at the Yorkshire Museum in York. We had a fabulous time and got the chance to dress up, make catapaults and handle real Roman artefacts that were discovered in York. 

We learnt that York in Roman times was called Eboracum.

Autumn Term 2018

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In Maths so far this term we have been learning about place value of four digit numbers. We have been using practical Maths equipment to help us.

In PE with Sporting Influence, we have been using the apparatus to challenge our skills in gymnastics.


In September classes 2 and 3 had a visit from an author called Andrew Clover. He was very funny and dramatic and we enjoyed learning about how he comes up with ideas for stories and how you can bring them to life. Lots of children got signed copies of his books and he inspired us all to write our stories in class afterwards.

Summer Term 2018

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The Nidderdale Birdsong project came to visit us this term, from the Nidderdale ANOB. The helped us recognise the songs and calls of different birds and we had a go at mimicking bird songs and recording ourselves.

In Science we observed our shadows.

Spring Term 2018

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To help us with our topic on the Romans this term we visited The Yorshire Museum, in Museum Gardens in York. We had a fabulous day discovering all the treaures in their galleries and found out all about the Roman settlement in York 'Eboracum'. We handled real Roman artefacts and got to try Roman clothes on and make Mosiacs.

We enjoyed dressing up for World Book Day

We went with the Year 3s to visit The Church in the Dale and learnt all about the Easter Story. The storytellers and sets brought the story to life and we really enjoyed ourselves.


Autumn Term 2017

Summer Term 2017

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In Science this term we have been finding out about rocks. We have sorted them into different types and found out about how rocks are formed.


Spring Term 2017

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In our topic work this term we learnt about some famous British artists - Goldsworthy and  Turner. We went on a trip to Fountains Abbey, as Turner had visited there and completed his own watercolours of the Abbey. We had a go at out own water colours and also spent some time in the woods making some temporary art installations in the syle of Goldsworthy.

This term we also have been practising our programming skills on DB Primary. We have been learning to write and debug sequences of commands and have been learning about how to communicate safely with others on-line.

In Science we have been learning about electrical circuits and the vocabularly that we use to describe components.


Autumn 2016

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In our History topic this term we have been learning about how life changed in Britain between the Stone Age and the Iron Age. We have made Cave Paintings, clay Beaker pots and painted Celtic patterns.

We also went on a trip to the Yorkshire Museum in York where we got to handle and see objects that dated back thousands of years as well as having a go at making Mesolithic shelters, telling hunting tales around a camp fire and making our own iron age coins.

Autumn Term 2015

A new class and new adventures!

In Science we have been exploring our school environment for local habitats. We found some very interesting minibeasts!  Now we just have to classify them all!

Eco Club

The results from the summer Sunflower growing competition.

The only survivor, and therefore the winner, was the flower grown by Y6. It was 1.36m tall.

They celebrated this achievement by making sunflower biscuits. Yummy!

Summer Term 2015

On May 7th we held a Class Election, after spending weeks watching the run up to the General Election and learning about the leaders and all their issues.

Previously, we all had created a party and presented our issues to the class then we voted for our favourite three parties.

On May 7th we split into The Eco-Warriors, The Canons and finally The PPP (Perfect Personal Party) and created rosettes and banners.

Each leader had to present a persuasive speech to our school assembly and the whole school took a vote!

Each party did a fantastic job... but as in all elections there is always a winner!

Congratulations to the Canons!


Years 4/5/6 went to the Mercer Museum and Royal Pump Room for an AMAZING ANCIENT GREEKS workshop. During the trip we followed an ancient trail to discover facts and information also we held artefacts which were 2500 years old!

Finally we read the myth of Herakules and his 12 tasks and performed drama in groups.

Spring Term 2014

To enhance our fascinating Science topic about Teeth we had a visit from Mrs Robson, who works in a Dental Surgery. She brought some interesting items to look at, including: false teeth, dye tablets which colour the areas of your teeth which haven't been cleaned correctly and a pair of BIG TEETH to brush! Using her knowledge we finished off this visit with a discussion about the importance of caring and cleaning our teeth regularly.

In Maths we have been been sorting shapes into Carroll diagrams and Venn diagrams. We started this project in groups by using a BIG diagram, then sorted more shapes independently.

Autumn Term 2012

Curriculum Chronicle

Our science topic this term has been ‘Habitats’. We enjoyed hunting around school to see what different habitats we could find. We then really enjoyed exploring these habitats to see what organisms we could discover in them!

We also looked really carefully at different leaves to see how we could separate them to identify each one. We used our observations to create branching diagrams!

Summer Term 2012

For our whole school topic of myths and legends, Class 3 explored the mighty Anglo-Saxon tale of Beowulf. We really enjoyed the story and all the characters! Using Beowulf’s three ferocious battles, we undertook a stop-motion animation project. After working together to design and make our set and figures, we had to storyboard our animation, thinking carefully about every single movement our characters would make. We then took a series of still shots of our figures, making tiny movements between each shot – this was hard work and we ended up with lots of photographs!
Here are our finished animations, we’re really proud of them and hope you enjoy watching them as much as we enjoyed making them!

Video 1.mp4Video 2.mp4Video 3.mp4

To follow up our fantastic animation project we visited the National Media Museum in Bradford, it was a brilliant day out.
It was great to find out lots more information about something we really enjoyed and we were amazed at how fast technology has advanced!
We especially enjoyed getting on set, just like a real film crew, to produce our own ‘Victorian Murder Mystery’! We also loved experimenting with the blue screen, in particular disappearing with our very own ‘invisibility cloak’!

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